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Auction House QoL ideas

As I was buying and selling some items on the Auction Houses recently I thought of some potentially simple improvements that I think would greatly help the quality of our Auction House experience.
First, could we have bids be placed without a distinction to the mat quality?
- Currently, bid for mats at the highest quality, superior for example, means that only the superior wool can fill the bid, so any coarse wool or other grade that gets put up for sale is left in AH. The lower grade is often overlooked it seems and sits until someone goes back to buy.
- Proposed #1, bid for mats and either have an option for it to be "any grade" or specify a grade. This might be too much work for the options so next idea.
- Proposed #2, bid for mats can bee filled by any grade. This should be easier in theory (I hope) but could have some niche situations where people might not want the lower grade (heavier mats) but maybe people can comment here on that?
Second, when there is no "recent sale" of an item, the default price is 1s 20c and many new players or tired/lazy players just leave it at that price, which works for some crafted items but not for raw mats/tokens/salvage. This means many items sit unsold until they time-out and get relisted eventually.
- Proposed, make the default 20c instead. This wouldn't work for lots of mats and not for crafted items and would be far too high for tokens or ammo, but at least this way if someone didn't know a price or doesn't care, then the item would sell.
- Complex Proposed, make the default based on tier or average of the type of item. This would likely take much more work but would be very cool I think.
These are just a few thoughts that might be on the "easy side" but I think would make AH interactions much better and far less painful.
The other thing that annoys me is when I have to adjust the price because it is defaulted to X above the recent sales. I always set my sale price to what I know will sell fast (usually same as previous sales) so it defaulting above annoys me but I understand why that mechanic is there. Maybe a button or 2 would be nice to "match previous" or "raise" would resolve that? Anyway just some thoughts I had.
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
I support both of these, the auction house still have a bit to go before they can be used regularly without silent screaming of frustration and irritation.
Especially the quality dependent listing is sooo annoying.
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