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Selling my DT accounts.


I will be selling all 8 of my Destinies Twin accounts as a bundle for someone who likes to get his hands on what used to be one of the earliest trade Imperiums in the game. My Main is known as Regalo Harnoncourt in game. Can also sell separately or you can buy them all and sell/give to friends.

  • 8 Destinies Twins accounts with KS perks.
  • A total of 266 Months of XP divided over 8 accounts/16 Twin characters
  • 1 DT account(with my Main) has uninterrupted XP from day 1 and is still subscribed right now: so that’s 2 day 1, max XP characters. 3022419 XP UNSPENT!
  • Efficient covering of all Crafting and Refining disciplines as well as Harvesting disciplines. The total package. 1 True Combat character(My Main).
  • All part of the same company, sworn to Pax(Tuffon/Lillith) in Callambea, currently a central location in the game.
  • Truckload of resources, refines and crafted items.
  • "Owning" 3 Hexes With Lumbermill(+3/3), Shrine(0/0) and Inn(+2/3) with 6 Outposts that are currently self-sufficient, and accumulating Bulk resources. 2 are Core hexes of Callambea.
  • Over 170.000 Bulk Goods in the bank, divided over 4 of the 5 Bulks Goods(exept Ore). I recently emptied out my Holdings.
  • Includes a Smallholding (Freehold, 100$) and a Basecamp (25$).

Main account has been subscribed from day 1 till this very moment, 5 more accounts each have 13 months of XP under their belt, and the last 2 have 9 and 7 months of xp under their belt respectively. They are ALL Destinies Twins accounts. They all come with the list of perks that Kickstarter accounts have, though several of those perks are not implemented yet. ( Twice marked, Shieldmate, Daily Deals). All the accounts also have *all* Daily Deals, hopefully these get realized at some point.

I have an Xcel sheet where I kept all of the information on all my characters. I will send this to the buyer. As to the crafters on these DT accounts: Their level pretty much indicates their next crafting achievement challenge. See below for details. They have pretty much all of their T2 crafting achievements but pretty much none of their T3 achievements. All of my crafters also have up to 6-8 levels of their crafting role(Rambler, Pioneer and such)

The characters in the imperium have been set up to max efficiency when it comes to covering all Crafting disciplines, ability gates and such(Dex, Int). All crafting and refining disciplines are covered in the first 6 accounts: 12 DT characters each having 2 roles covering all 17 disciplines and also the 4 Harvesting roles. Due to how the Ability Gates work there are 2 Bowyers. There is a T3 harvester of each kind too. The last 2 accounts are blank accounts with a nice chunk of unused XP on them, though I used one to get to level 10 Armorsmith, to double up on this important discipline.

The Main account(Company leader) also has a truckload of resources, hundreds and hundreds of T1 recipes, dozens of spare T2 recipes, hundreds of newbie items used for crafting of buildings, lots of finished crafted items(over 400 potions, 27 T2 +2 and +3 armors etcetera) and such. Also a lot of refined items. Also items like bags of Holding and Protection Rings. As well as a 89 Victory Markers for making Holdings. I used to have a lot of Hemp but converted that into ropes for Holdings and Outposts so I have 144 +3 Hemp Ropes and 18 +4 Hemp Ropes. When I stopped playing I reckon I ranked about 4th or 5th when it came to assets held by a single person. But that was 3.5 years ago. With this army you can make every item in the game! (You will still need lots of T3 recipes for the Tier 3 ++ items). Unfortunately training my army bankrupted me: I have a total of 1.5 gold. smile
So apart from gaining 8 DT accounts, this is a very nice start for anyone who wants to set up a crafting and trade imperium.

The Smallholding is placed in the hex under the Moloch Home Hex.

More detailed listing:

Main DT account(actually the third account listed in the xcel sheet):
Day 1 account that has never been unsubscribed, so 2 max-XP characters on this one.
Char 1: My Main, Regalo Harnoncourt, Fighter 16, Cleric 8, 3022419 xp unspent, build focused on Longbow/archery, Trophee, Blades and Cleric(was hoping to turn this into a Ranger or Paladin at some point). Achievement maxed in Longbow(10) and Blade (10) so any Role that needs these achievements are totally unlocked. Several other maxed Achievements and many more in the high numbers. He also has that first Azlanti Stone with the +2 Perception. He also sports a Tier 3 +2 Longbow.
This Character is the Company Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, sworn to Pax/Callambea, and has 3 Holdings with 6 Outposts that have been producing Bulk Goods from day 1 after Holdings came live up untill this very moment. In fact, I did put up the very first Holding (a Trading Post) of the game with this character, which was featured by Ryan Dancey in his newsletter of April 2015 at the time. Here is the forum thread about it. First Callambea Holding.
Reading that Newsletter again makes me pretty sad: lots of stuff was happening then!
News on the Callambea website.

The Tradingpost has been replaced by a Lumbermill a long time ago but that does not diminish the fact that this is the oldest building site in the game. smile The Lumbermill has a Warden Outpost +2/3 and a Hunting Outpost +3/3

The other 2 holdings are an Inn +2/3 with 2Hunting Outposts +3/4 and+2/3, and a Shrine 0/0, with two Stonecutting Outposts 0/3 and 0/4.

Character 2 is my Weaver 17/Bowyer 15, with another 3192271 XP still unspent.

DT account 2:
Char 1: Leatherworker 14, Tailor 12(missing a t2 recipe for the next gate) XP unspent: 300508
Char 2: Sage 14, Dowser 14, Scavenger 7 Forester 7. XP unspent: 103833

DT account 3:
Char 1: Sawyer 15, Tanner 14 XP unspent: 84583
Char 2: Apothecary 15, Iconographer 13 XP unspent: 158578

DT account 4:
Char 1: Smelter 14, Miner 14, Dowser 7, Scavenger 6, Forester 7 XP unspent: 243417
Char 2: Jeweler 13, Alchemist 15 XP unspent: 203447

DT account 5:
Char 1: Armorsmith 12 (have all the T2 gates, just did not have enough xp) Weaponsmith 15 XP unspent: 191010
Char 2: Engineer 14, Artificer 14 XP unspent: 152514

DT account 6:
Char 1: Gemcutter 16, Bowyer 12 XP unspent: 118030
Char 2: Scavenger 14, Forester 14 XP unspent: 359420

DT account 7:
Char 1: Armorsmith 10 Unspent XP: 513110
Char 2: blank canvas, Unspent XP: 660000

DT account 8:
Char 1: blank canvas, Unspent XP:513600
Char 2: blank canvas, Unspent XP:513600

All the characters have normal names, the crafters usually with a nod to their crafting discipline(so I could remember them more easily). Race was chosen to be the most efficient for the Role.

Callambea is now governed by Tuffon and Lillith. Tuffon is still actively involved. Make sure to discuss any matters with him to your mutual benefit. My Company has always been an integral part of Callambea when I was still active, stocking the AH, help refine stuff for members, do escalations and such. Neutral Crafts and Trade was my thing, being part of Xeilias definitely was interesting though. The current political landscape has changed so please discuss any loyalty matters with Tuffon. Please consider that moving all my stuff to another settlement will need several mule rides with at least a tier 2 mule.

Any serious bid will be considered. I do not expect to recover my investment.

I applaud Lisa, Bobs and Coles effort and what they have done and still are trying to do with the game. I am flabbergasted by the amount of work that has been done by such a small team. I always hoped that PFO would get such traction , that they could actually make the game that we were dreaming about back in the days of Ryans blogs. This meant more then just core mechanics being in place: it meant a game that could actually rival other MMO's in both graphics and depth of gameplay, also on the PvE side of things. I was hoping then that this game could become more then a niche.
I realize that the latter would only happen *years* after the core mechanics were in, and Open Enrollment would be long on its way. I was willing to wait that out while we were playing the game, watching more stuff being implemented on the way and seeing those population numbers rise. Therefore I supported the game with a sub until this day, even though I have not played for the last 3 years. Never regretted it.

I feel the distance between the game and its players has become so great for me now that it is time to say goodbye. PFO, its 2 Kickstarters and the great year that I had when I actually played will always be a sweet era in my gaming life. The memories are real. Thanks guys! smile
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
You are a Troll
So, should we PM you with offers? smile
You are a Troll
So, should we PM you with offers? smile
I was wondering the same. Any contact info to discuss this?
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
– Cauchemar is a Greater Nightmare –
I'd be interested only in the 8th account….
How do we get in touch with you?
As Above - How do we contact you??
I would be interested in Acct 3.
Oops,sorry, no contact info. I am Tyncale on Paizo so PM's can go there.

Dang, first post there dates from november 2012. I have sure been here a long time. smile Good times.
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
Yes, those old forum wars & discussions were tons of fun, as was the game once upon a time.
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
2 interested parties, already got one offer but want to wait for second party to reply too. Check your PM's! (not for a bidding war but for fair play).
NB This is me posting from my Main account.
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