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The Crafting Time Bug

Do we have some sort of timeframe when this will be getting fixed? It's at the point where I don't wan to start crafting any higher quality items because by the time they come out, a fix could have gone through and they would craft faster.
Uhmm .. I rolled the dice on this type of decision the other day and ended up waiting an extra 25 hours for an item .. if you have enough for 2 items I'd start one .. worst case is you "destroy" one item if the second will still craft faster.
Valkenr, I'm pretty sure this will get fixed with the next build.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
Nice .. but that build won't be deployed till Thursday? So items needing less than 36 hours will still complete before it is active?
Stephen Cheney
This is all part of the racial skill bonuses/channel thing that's getting fixed in the next build.

I don't think anything you queue up before the build will have its time adjusted to your correct skill total, though, so I'd suggest not starting something that will take a really long time right before the patch smile .
I just started a 50 hour craft .. assuming that patch is Thursday mornining'ish and skills are corrected it seemed to be a wash between starting now or waiting .. Now if you roll out the patch really soon, it was a bad gamble but I'll live with it in that case smile
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