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OE 1 Release Notes

My Subscription page looks correct but the Account page is a little odd. I have all 3 characters activated and subscribed but the account page states I have 3 Active characters and 2 Free Trial Mode characters.

Apparently any characters that were recently deleted get counted as Free Trial Mode characters until their metadata gets updated, which generally happens within 2 months of the last time it was updated. We'll look at ways to update that more often without overwhelming the servers, and specifically to update it at the moment a character is actually deleted.
My main account says "inactive on 2020/02/02 even though it has heaps of credits and is automatically retraining.

Very strange. Could you send a screenshot of that to
The Wright way
Destiny Twin account here and my count is off also. "2 Active characters and 2 Free Trial Mode characters."
Although is that because the twins are 2 for the price of 1?

Looks like Destiny's Twins are treated properly, fingers crossed that yours is a case of a recently deleted character as well.
ah, recent deleted characters explains it all. I reworked the second and third right before the subscription model change.
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