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A Winter's Tale

Agent Provocateur
Once upon a time there was a member of the Xelias Empire, known by many names who formed the backbone of the Xelias crafting effort. Eventually, with the disbanding of the empire, he moved on to pastures new and put his accounts up for sale. The accounts were picked up by various people. One of the accounts was picked up by a member of another dying empire. This account had a character who was a leader in the almost dead settlement of Kreuz Bernstein. He didn't need the character so he just left it there.

Tick, tick, time moved on. The Nightstalkers resurrected Kreuz Bernstein as Carpe Noctem. The old Kreuz company was brought back to life and a bunch of new players joined the company. The other leaders noticed that they had a leader who was not taking part and so they reached out to make contact with him but were ignored. Over time the company built up some influence and so they put up a few holdings and outposts.

Tick, tick, more time passed. The second Christmas escalation came round. As expected Carpe Noctem was in a competitive position. The player who purchased the old Kreuz character was now a member of a competing group and was not happy that Carpe and her allies were performing better than his allied settlement. He felt that other settlements shouldn't help Carpe even though his own settlement wasn't taking part and he was assisting his ally. After complaining loudly in-game and moaning on the forum he decided to take action.

What better way to show Carpe Noctem how unfair they were being than to wreck their holdings? He logged in his leader in the Carpe company and went round all the company holdings, taking out all the bulk resources and downgrading the outposts to +1 while leaving the holdings at +3. Fortunately, a kindly passing harvester noticed that the holding had closed down and let us know. We repaired the outposts, re-stocked and went away (but decided to keep a close eye in the future). Sure enough the next day the holdings had been emptied again and the outposts downgraded. To twist the knife he also kicked out all the other players from the company.

Well I'm sure that will encourage us not to dare compete in the future! smile
It is unfortunate that your only recourse in the game is to kick that company and to feud them to reclaim the hex(es) in question. And a valuable lesson to all. We had our own issues with no-active leaders and concerns about said accounts being sold to someone who may be a bad actor. That should be a concern for everyone and anyone who have absent or missing players in leadership roles and I suspect that may be more common that people realize.

Good luck in resolving that issue.
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