Cauchemar is very new but determined to build and thrive in the wilds of the Bandit plains in the shadow of the Southern Echowood.
Cauchemar welcomes any and all who want to learn and enjoy PFO by play however you choose. Assistance is prepared for any new players with T1 gear stocked.
If interested in Cauchemar, email me at the address below, or just apply to join in game via the Company Search in game.
Our location is a long way from Thornkeep but I'll travel to you if needed and should have some helpers in or near Thornkeep anyway.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Cauchemar is a new settlement finding it's place on the edge of the Echo Wood in the Shadow of the impenetrable Fort Inevitable.
If you want to play however you like then join Cauchemar today, all are welcome.
any questions, contact me at: