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What determines Settlement level

Is there a support level inherent from the structure levels themselves, or is it just whatever is selected in the management window?
Perhaps I shouldn't be so confused but the in game windows for management seem confusing to me.
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It's a complicated system, and there's admittedly not a lot of explanation in that window.

Support comes purely from Settlement Level. Your minimum Settlement Level (assuming you're not shut down and therefore at Settlement Level 9) is based on the amount of bulk resources and coin you're paying just to keep your structures running. If you set your Target Settlement Level higher than that minimum, then you'll pay some extra upkeep to boost your Settlement Level to that target. If you Target Settlement Level is equal to or lower than that minimum, then you'll just pay the amount determined by the structures and be at that minimum.
Basically, regardless of how low you set your settlement level it can never go below the level attained naturally by your current structures.

If you want to drop your level (and save bulk) below what your current structures support you need to lower the level of some of those structures.
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