Changes to a feuded company’s PvP Window can significantly affect the feuding company’s ability to attack the feuded company’s territory. These PvP Windows are meant to give companies flexibility on deciding when they are best prepared to defend themselves, but are also meant to be a declaration that a company is willing to defend itself at those days and times. They are meant to steer PvP toward preferred times, not to prevent it from happening. Until we’re able to add appropriate limits on actions that can alter PvP Windows while feuded, do not make changes that could significantly alter the PvP Window in ways that are disadvantageous to a currently-feuding company (e.g. join/leave a settlement, lower the settlement level, change the PvP start time, …) without first posting notice on the forums one week in advance. If such changes are made without sufficient notice, Paizo may, at its sole discretion, restore the feuding company’s ability to attack the feuded company’s territory in any manner necessary, even if this leaves the feuded company or its former settlement at a greater disadvantage than it originally had. Any changes only affecting companies that aren't currently being feuded, or that only increase the chances for a feuding company to succeed at taking territory, or that are agreed to by all affected feuding companies, can be made without providing any warning.

This policy will go into effect after Daily Maintenance on Monday, March 30, 2020 Pacific. Let me know if you see any issues with the policy so I can make adjustments as needed.