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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Updating the Roadmap

Over the past year, we've run into more and more issues where delayed upgrades have slowed our progress, prevented important fixes, or simply served as unexpected distractions. We were taking a serious look at catching up on those upgrades, and were really in the final stages of deciding exactly which upgrades to pursue, when the recent server outage became a painful reminder of why we need to update our systems as soon as possible.

We've concluded that the two biggest and most essential upgrades are moving from physical servers to the cloud and upgrading Unity to the latest version. We're working on the cloud transition first, in large part because it's the quickest of the two updates and we hope to complete it before our current co-location deal ends. Moving to the cloud will also make it easier for us to work from home, something we may be doing as much as we can for quite some time. Given the age of our physical servers, there's also a good chance we'll see some performance improvements with this shift, while taking physical maintenance tasks (and potentially replacement tasks) off our one-person tech team, aka Cole.

After that's done, we'll shift to upgrading Unity. We had a technical review done last year to verify the feasibility of moving to the latest version, and to at least narrow in how much work was likely to be involved. It will probably involve at least 6 months of work, possibly more, but we've decided it looks feasible and that it has now become worth investing that time. Upgrading will fix several lingering bugs related to the version we're currently using, will make the game look and perform better, and will enable us to once again support the latest version of MacOS (Catalina). On top of that, it will make it significantly easier for us to incorporate assets from the Unity Asset Store, and possibly even from other Pathfinder video games.

Taking on those updates means dedicating them the bulk of our programming time for the remainder of the year, and possibly into next year given how unpredictable such updates can be. In turn, that means pushing off any roadmap plans that require significant programming work until these updates are finished. We'll still fix some smaller code-dependent issues along the way, particularly when those fixes are time-sensitive or when Cole just needs a break from focusing on one thing for too long. However, most of the updates released this year will be content fixes or additions. We're still working up a final list/schedule to post on the official roadmap, but it's likely to include things like more Combat Alchemist content (e.g. structures, tutorials), adding more phases and events to existing single-phase escalations, making more Elite variants of existing escalations, and possibly adding completely new content where we can do so with little or no additional code. We’ll also be updating the website and other documentation, engaging in more customer outreach, and running more events.
Two thumbs up Bob! Go-go Unity upgrade!!
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
Yes, Thank you for looking at going for the Unity Upgrade, and I hope Goblinworks does put in some effort for Native Linux support.
Excellent, while I dream of rangers, dwarven deities and two handed axes coming to the game, moving to the cloud and unity upgrade are far more important.
Mercenary monster hunter from Forgeholm
War priest of Angradd… patiently waiting on Goblinworks to deliver him (and greataxes, Dwarves need 2 handed axes).
That is great to hear!
Harad Navar
I think this is a wise and prudent action. Bravely going where no characters have gone before!
Knowledge can explain the darkness, but it is not a light.
Wonderful news for sure.
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
– Cauchemar is a Greater Nightmare –
Yes, Thank you for looking at going for the Unity Upgrade, and I hope Goblinworks does put in some effort for Native Linux support.

We can take another look once we're transitioned to the latest version of Unity and see what would be involved. There's also a certain amount of overhead that goes into things like testing and making installers, some of which is ongoing, so we'd have to figure out where that work fits in with all our other priorities, as always.
I did say I was willing to be a Linux tester.

As the engine is converted over I'd still recommend changing the rendering core from DirectX to OpenGL just to help keep some WINE compatibility until Goblinworks does a Native Linux version.
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