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Fun With Content

You are a Troll
FACTIONS! (Totally with you on that Falir!)

I hate to say it, but this feels a bit too Trump-ish for my tastes…erase all that stuff you don't like as if it never happened and then threaten "violence" on citizens who defy you by speaking the truth.

The past cannot be erased.
You are a Troll
erase all that stuff you don't like as if it never happened and then threaten "violence" on citizens who defy you by speaking the truth.
Should have known my bad Darth Vader paraphrase wouldn't come across jokey enough in plaintext. About the only time we ever delete posts (other than obvious spam) is when they start to feel like personal attacks. Thanks to all of you, we've rarely had to moderate these forums at all. Let's keep it that way.
A little silly with the pop so low right now but could some things be done around future factions as far as "Fun With Content" goes?
Maybe, though I suspect anything we did would have to be more "setting the stage for eventual factions" than actually being faction members. For example, I could create "markers" for each of the factions and give them out as loot for specific escalation events, maybe even create one or more escalations specifically for that purpose. Focus on the targets of most value to your desired faction and you could store up markers that would eventually be used to give them a running start once they're added.

Could probably come up with some other ideas, possibly out-of-game or GM-adjudicated, preferably without requiring too much GM-maintenance. It's certainly an interesting possibility to explore.
WRT to factions, we only seem to have two bits of very sparse info


Factions will in some way be necessary to fully train a character or get full support. There has been no discussion on how this will impact multi-role characters, however it does seem unlikely you could be full members of opposing factions.

The only example we were ever given was Cleric Deity factions where a cleric will need to be a member of the relevant faction to access full support. Clerics will apparently be able to cross-train a few levels of (presumably non opposing) Domains. Whether that is one level or two or even four has never been clearly stated - but there is a point where to progress they will need to be a deity faction member.

Talking to other players, there seems to be an assumption that clerics will be the only ones with this issue. People seem to assume that a wizard for example could still mix and match schools will-nilly or a rogue can run maximum daredevil without being a member of the bandit guild or assassin guild for example. We have not seen anything to confirm or deny this though, it is all just conjecture at present.

Personally I think it is going to be a bit strange if clerics are limited in what they can train by faction membership but any other build can just do what it wants. To me it makes sense that a high level daredevil needs to be a bandit or assassin guild member, that a high level gatherer needs to be in the Mining Federation, a top class crafter needs to be in the merchant guild and a high level Wizard needs to be attached to the relevant school for his feature feats.

It is also unclear what restrictions are in place regarding multi-faction membership. Can you max out your membership (and benefits) in both the Mining Federation and Crafters Guild? .. or Miners Federation and Assassins Guild ? Can a wizard be in good standing with several schools ? or are you limited to just one guild membership per character ?

2) PVP

It has been stated that opposing factions will be open to PvP each other - but we have no details of how this is intended to work in practice. Will this be restricted by hex security level or is it limited to particular faction war areas or is it universal ? Is joining an opposing faction sufficient to allow you to pursue a particular player that has annoyed you relentlessly even in Thornkeep without repercussions ? How will it work if opposing faction members are in party with non opposing characters? There seems a lot yet to be explained.
WRT to factions, we only seem to have two bits of very sparse info
You raise a lot of really good questions here. Sadly, a lot of my answers can only be speculative until we're closer to implementing something and have time to closely review the design. We posted a preliminary blog about them a while back, but the game has changed a fair amount since then, as has our development situation. The core of the idea (you can join factions and earn favor with them through your actions, joining certain factions prevents you from joining certain other factions, some factions hate each other and that justifies reputation-free PvP much like feuding them, rising in rank with your factions offers various benefits) remains our design goal, but the exact mechanics/details may need to shift a bit. In particular, the original plan was that deity faction rank translated into support for deity-specific feats, but just as we've shifted away from all-or-nothing settlement support to half-support, we may want to rethink that a bit for deity factions as well.

For now, we can't really implement any of that, and it's best not to spend too much time nailing down the design this far in advance of implementation, but we could potentially work out just enough of it to create some kind of content-only experience that builds up to the eventual addition of factions. For example, we could decide that one way to earn favor with a faction is to turn in Faction Markers and start dropping those markers as loot for turning in later so that some characters could get a higher faction rating right away when the feature gets added. Alternatively, we could work up a longer list of potential factions, then say that they'll be introduced (or will get their buildings, or whatever) in order based on which faction turns in the most markers by a certain cutoff. Those wouldn't require a complete faction design to get started, though I admit that some players would prefer a complete understanding before committing to a particular faction. But for those players interested in particular factions more for fictional/role-playing reasons, it could be an entertaining addition to the game while waiting for more details.
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