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Oak Knoll Building Craze!

Just added several medium and small crafting/refining buildings to round out my cottages so I can now create all player crafted items in the game in Oak Knoll. A special thanks to Aragon which has been my crafting home up until now.
I can't wait until Combat Alchemist structures are in game, which is my next target building! Leaving room in Oak Knoll for new classes that may come along, but until then you can find every structure known in the River Kingdoms in either Aragon or Oak Knoll. There are no Settlement taxes for crafting in Oak Knoll, so build here if you are looking for +5 buildings. If your company wants to join the Aragon Alliance, or just as an individual player, talk to Kenton.
A hearty HUZZAH and congrats!
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
Congrats Mooch
Congrats Oak Knoll!
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
– Cauchemar is a Greater Nightmare –
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