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Cauchemar construction continues

We are working hard to reach have all +3 buildings in Cauchemar (then move to +4/+5 as when we can afford it).
Once the Tannery is finished this week we will have all refining at +3 except for the Geologist.
Once the Research Center is added to the game we will begin constructing it.
Our Fighter College should be +3 later this week and all Crafting is available in structures between +1 and +3.
Our Auction House is well stocked and already at +3 so feel free to stop by for some shopping.

All crafting and refining is our main focus for now but we also cover the Freeholder and Fighter with our College in town and a Barracks/Watchtower North/Northwest of town(eventually Expert and Combat Alchemist also).
Cauchemar is a new settlement finding it's place on the edge of the Echo Wood in the Shadow of the impenetrable Fort Inevitable.
If you want to play however you like then join Cauchemar today, all are welcome.
any questions, contact me at:
Congrats on getting to +3.
Today marks the Final building in Cauchemar.
Our brand new Research Center +0 is open for business. Feel free to see the new addition to PFO and Cauchemar, and while your here be sure to visit the Auction House full of wonderful items courtesy of Maker's General Store.
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
– Cauchemar is a Greater Nightmare –
Cauchemar will have a +2 Research Center tomorrow. Our Spellwright is stuck at +1, Boutique and Lab at +2, and Cooperative is at +3 along with all other crafting and refining at +3 (except for our Smeltmill at +4).
Our Fight College is +3 along with our Barracks (Core 1 hex) and Watchtower (Core 2 hex) for fighter training.
Our Workhouse is +3 for Freeholders. The exciting part is that our Keep is now +4 which allowed us to make the AH +4 and allow the listing of T3+3 gear and items. Maker does a great job of stocking our Auction House, so stop by for the shopping whenever you can.
We are in constant need of Recipes and Formulas to continue our construction so let us know if a trade can be made or sell any you have in our AH (or other AHs that Maker is visiting).
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
– Cauchemar is a Greater Nightmare –
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