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What Pathfinder Online Needs

Over this past few months I've started trying out a few other games, including a MORPG (PSO2).
While PSO2 is not the best, it has something PFO lacks a lot of, a reason to login and do stuff.
I feel this is something that NEEDS to be the highest priority to happen right after the Unity and Cloud upgrades are in.

As right now, I hardly see a reason to log in; queue time is almost a month, next EXP spent is in a few months, there is next to no social activity in game, game state is stagnant, everything is TOO predictable and boring, etc.
In fact I'm now deciding on if I should stop subbing a number of my characters since I'm not seeing any real reason to play PFO anymore.
I'm not the only one who has SAID that, nor will I be the last, and that should be sounding large alarm bells that if PFO does not focus on the right things, the game will be dead in I figure 3 years even with the Unity Upgrade.

PSO2 right from the start, the Character Creation options are MILES ahead of PFO, but something to note is that you can't select some classes at the start.
The game starts you off with a nice basic tutorial, and if you think of switching classes or want to learn a bit more about your class, there are tutorial missions (that'll even provide the character with skills and weapons for a time) that'll give you a taste of the class.
Another thing of note is that the game has a number of currencies most of them are gain-able in game, two can be bought with cash (SG + AC) though one of them can only be bought with cash (AC).

But now back to the main point, a reason to login and do stuff.
Just logging in once for the day in PSO2 gets you a item that you can use, and you can see all items for 30 days of logging in.
Further more Logging in each day and doing social things gives FUN points which you can use to buy certain items and FUN scratch tickets.
Something else of note is that PSO2 has DAILY and WEEKLY quests that give rewards, and a few Special quests/events that are time limited (30 Min window) that run once every 2-4 hours and some events get replaced once the month passes.
Now I will say that one thing that needs poking is the EXP issue and since new comers don't know much (along with hating wasted XP) and want to catch up to the vets, and I have thought of something about the issue.

Now could PFO do any of this, and keep it scaled to the character. The answer is YES, there is a way.
Any EXP rewards will be decided to be awarded on during maintenance, as it'll check on if it would surpass a Day 1 vet who kept subbed (in effect a EXP limit so hard core Vets can only get mats or item rewards)
All the daily and weekly quests get set with the daily and weekly maintenance runs.
All the daily/weekly quests and rewards will be based on a character's skill level(s).
For example if a weekly quest is get 5 Lodestone (miner 7-13 req) and the reward is; (X mat (skill - 3), a item, or exp (10*level))
The reason for the requirement and reward being based on the character's skills is that this way, an impossible quest can't be given to a T1 character, or that a new character gets T3 mats.
Now why did I set the reward in the above example to skill -3, well it is to give incentive to raise the skill, if you want T3 enchant mats as a reward well you'll need to have level 20 skills.
Monster killing quests would need to check weapon and armour profs for requirements as a quick base check for quest requirements, but if that monster quest is related to a escalation, it checks if that escalation is running.
Currently I think the number of quest types that PFO could support are small;
Monster, Escalation, Gather, Craft and event.
A Monster quest is kill a specific monster or X number of that type,
A Escalation quest is do a escalation event (requires checking if that escalation is currently running)
A Gathering quest is gathering from Y nodes of X times.
A Crafting quest is crafting/refining something (though this should check if the queue is empty, and it should be something useful and quick to make).
Now Events should be done when a event is running (these are pre-planned and announced), and these events would need to be added in later.

Now PFO's FUN points should be for; items, and various tickets.
Items that FUN points could yield should be any; item, mat, refine, or recipe in the game.
To force exploration, and getting player's out of a their settlements, the place players can go to use their FUN points to buy these are NPC Auction houses ONLY.
There would be a few types of tickets in game; one would be scratch tickets that are cheap, but yield a random prize.
The other types of tickets give X amount of something like; Azoth, EXP, Influence, FUN points, and Gold/Silver Coins.
FUN points shold be generated once at login for the day for the account, and should be generated (a maximum per day) doing social things like; feuds(raid and capture), PVP, and other social things like friending someone.
Going back a bit to PSO2, the FUN points there could buy; Fun Tickets, emotes, consumables, furniture for your personal quarters, and certain other items.

Something else that I find nice is that when doing a quest or mission, a random event can happen that shakes things up, like suddenly having a boss class monster show up, or needing to collect some items in the area and return them to a container.
That random type of event shakes things up and stops things from being; same old, same old, and puts some chaos into the mix.

Now on to PFO's events;
These type of events should be a mixed bag of things; searching, exploration, gathering, and monster killing.

And example of a event could be ; "Nuhr automata spotted"
Quest requires finding the hex(es) (non-monster/home hexes) that X Nuhr automata have spawned into, (if X was 10 up to 10 hexes holding a single Nuhr, or less then 10 hexes if some doubled/tripled up)
These Nuhr would have very nice loot drops, and if the event is done before the hour is up, everyone who fought a nuhr would get a bonus prize.

Another event could be; "The Outsiders are Here"
The Quest requires harvesting of VERY SPECIAL Mats (event type only, only available during the event, and expire after the event), and those mats being brought and dropped off at specific hex in a specific building/spot, but also killing off the outsider attacking that building/spot.
Now this one I would say should allow for some recon scouting before the event gets started, as the gate is being built over the course of an hour or two, and have a map marker so player can know WHERE to for the event's combat and drop off area.

This is all I got for the moment, and I hope the proposed ideas and notes can get put on top of the list

And for those curious, PSO2 is also F2P on steam.
Please post your thought on this, as your silence, will just highlight a "I don't care about PFO anymore" stance.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Or at least, don't care about the forums much, other than release notes?
To reach me, email
Yeah, Bob knows of this post and will be posting in here on Monday, and He wants to hear from the players about anything I said in the OP.
Post away all, before I stomp in with my Clompy Boots of Opinions!
Some OK ideas there Azure.

My main reasons for not logging in as much as previously.

  1. There is no end game stuff for combat characters to aim for. You can pretty much train anything you want with a month or two of XP. We need stuff that is worthwhile that takes years to train to work towards.
  2. the settlement ownership thing is basically a full time job with no rewards, you could spend years building up and maintaining a settlement only to be away for a few months for real life reasons and lose it all
  3. for people with multiple accounts, crafting is a dead end with only one queue per crafter there is a limit to how many crafts you can practically train, there is no high XP end game crafting skills to train (like extra queues or the ability to make elite items like artefacts, or a skill that improves crit chances)and there is a limit to how many more combat/gatherers you will want to cross train. You end up with multiple crafters with millions of XP and nothing to spend it on
  4. the PvP in the game is not what we were promised. The game was promoted as having a large scale tactical warfare style of PvP with complex systems between very large groups where scrappy small gang stuff was discouraged. We got almost the opposite. The game suffers from multiple personality disorder, it cannot decide whether it is a PvE or PvP game and is incapable of doing both successfully.
  5. the most fun in many games comes from customising your stuff. In this game you cannot even do that, you can choose a few basic colours for armor but your settlement buildings are totally generic. lack of an artist has made it hard for the devs but hopefully the new unity will help here.
  6. even recruiting new players is a major chore and fairly thankless, the game help and tutorial system is hopeless so you end up putting hours a day for weeks trying to teach and help new guys in the hope they will stay but in the end they almost never do.
Glad you like them, Edam.
I try to make sure I can think of ways of recycling what we DO have and could use as a base for something new.

Yeah you covered stuff I missed, mind you I've not reached Full End game yet on any character, due to needing to split up my EXP a lot, due to only having a few characters and most doing many tasks….

And the customisation issue is BIG for PFO, as your pretty much pigeon holed into your gear for your build.
Something that could be done to make end game armour feats more rewarding is getting additional Keywords.
Like Level 10 armour feats not only give the T3 Major Keyword, but also a minor-0 (Cloth,Light,Medium,Heavy) Keyword nexy to the first class of Keyword in the armour feat so armour options open up some. With Level 14 having A new Major and Minor Keyword as well. This'll give a reason to get to Level 14 in an armour AND get a stat up to 30.

Another thing of note is that Settlements and Companies should be able to choose their colors for their Buildings.
With Settlement Colors based on the Founding Company colors, and Holdings/outposts having two banners, the settlement Banner and the Company Banner. These Colors should also be applied as default to Premium buildings (Freeholds, Basecamps, etc)

PSO2 urgent vents can't not be done solo at character level. They literally require 8-12 players who are at or above level requirement (12 players max per mission/area server) So I aimed at designing the OP examples based on NON-solo possible, and requiring MANY hands to get done, with a range of skills if possible
Kenton Stone
In an attempt to keep this from going off course and becoming another, what is wrong with this game instead of offering suggestions.

Here are some off the top of my head suggestions.
Reasons to log on daily
(1)…..Bonus: Some Xp/Crafting materials/1 hr buff/chance at aeon stone/Weapon,gathering,kills-award{e.x. 500 boss knight kills}/Some Azoth
(2)…..Special Daily Events: (Named boss groups that drop)/Special Crafting Material/Unique item 1 use recipes/visiting super trainer(Unique feats)/Super Gusher
(3)…..Crafting bonus: +1/consecutive day to: craft skill/refining crits./Knowledge skills (better loot drops)
(4)…..Gathering Bonus: +1/consecutive day to: Gathering Skills,+1/consecutive 10 day to: Node multiplier x(1-5)

The game really generated much promise and excitement as well as a great deal of enthusiasm through it's proposed concepts. Can we all remember how active, polarized and busy the various "factions" were that had formed before anything was even in game?

One great issue that I feel is important is that it didn't turn out the way that it seemed like it would turn out.
*There have been a few of the promised features implemented, but again IMO, they did not turn out to have the draw to keep me around for longer than a few years.
*Things turned out to be too chore intensive.
*Many features are too abstract or lacking in more than a "spreadsheet management" feel.
*I agree that the crafting queue limits(a strong example of a flaw) are a real weakness at top level play.

There are still many more features that have not made it into the game yet. The original game is not even close to having been completed as an intriguing way to spend time in or to stay in for the long haul. That isn't surprising as many MMO's suffer from that issue.

Just need to get the stuff that was advertised into the game. Annoying things like banking, endgame crafting, chore heavy city management, clunky this-n-that issues, etc…. addressed. Then it DOES need daily incentives to log in, for sure. Now it has been so long that it needs a serious graphics overhaul.

Finally it is a game riding on a successful RPG title's coat-tails/name with VERY LITTLE of the wonderful things that make playing that RPG so popular. Where is the GM/GMs oversight, creativeness, content generation that would make PFO more unique and appealing?

Without some real $$$ investment this potential "great game" will remain in obscurity but I will keep watching and wishing.

Just need to get the stuff that was advertised into the game. Annoying things like banking, endgame crafting, chore heavy city management, clunky this-n-that issues, etc…. addressed. Then it DOES need daily incentives to log in, for sure. Now it has been so long that it needs a serious graphics overhaul.


I think you have something backwards here, people are leaving the game because their is NO reason to log in, NO logging in leads one to questioning why are they subbed in the first place, hence player loss and no new player retention.
Dealing with reasons to log in should come first to Keep the current base and maybe help even keep some of the new players, then we can look at getting the rest of the stuff in and doing upgrades to the game's graphics.
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