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What Pathfinder Online Needs


Just need to get the stuff that was advertised into the game. Annoying things like banking, endgame crafting, chore heavy city management, clunky this-n-that issues, etc…. addressed. Then it DOES need daily incentives to log in, for sure. Now it has been so long that it needs a serious graphics overhaul.


I think you have something backwards here, people are leaving the game because their is NO reason to log in, NO logging in leads one to questioning why are they subbed in the first place, hence player loss and no new player retention.
Dealing with reasons to log in should come first to Keep the current base and maybe help even keep some of the new players, then we can look at getting the rest of the stuff in and doing upgrades to the game's graphics.
Actually, while I do not think that your ideas are bad or wrong or not needed, I do think that it would help if the game that was advertised were to be finished and done up to the standards of an attractive game experience. Then we could play it and judge it a bit before morphing it into something unrecognizable from the original intent.

I don't see a bunch of log-in bonuses doing more than generate a little short term excitement for those that still subscribe. Just my 2 cents. smile
I agree, that it would help if the game was as advertised and finished. But we don't have that and are currently losing players and not keeping any new ones. The answer is that is No reason to login, and if we did include the Bonus XP for Non-(Day 1 Non-stop subbed) characters then new players know they CAN catch up to the Vets and thus keep some interest and they'd work for it.

Include the FUN points and scratch tickets and yeah it'll keep some interest in the game and offer a way to get something that MAY be very hard to get due to the RNG being a pain and never really dropping it.
And again it gives a reason to login to the game.

Yeah, the Login bonuses would offer little to FULL Day 1 characters and accounts, but those that do keep logging in may start getting things that help them in becoming more powerful.
Imagine for example if a VERY expensive special item needed a TRILLION FUN points (which you only get for logging in and being social), but it let you NUKE ANY HEX (Non-settlement), clearing it of its holdings and outposts so you can move in the next day, it would force a change in the status quo, so much so that companies that sit back and go nothing can touch us, now have to worry as this would give a heavy-duty hex-protection breaking option to the game for those companies that actually do feud and capture hexes.
This would also mean that EVERY settlement can loose a hex even if their PVP window is at a time where there would be few attackers and a lot of defenders.
I think that when you have a situation like this, i.e. VERY FEW resources and even less "man hours", it is probably most wise to focus your energy into things that will do the most over all good for your project's success.

I do salute you for thinking outside the box to improve and save this game, though.
Yeah and the Login rewards and Daily/Weekly quest system is something that could easily be made with GW's current resources and it does recycle some code, and it is the most possible one to do at the moment without need for an artist.

If this can stop player leakage (an maybe help in gaining players) then it can help in paying the bills to further complete the game. But we need do new things to excite the current player base as well, and that is where the FUN points, FUN shop and FUN tickets could come in.
Activities and rewards for regularly logging in is something we've discussed internally on multiple occasions, and there's certainly code and content we could leverage to make it happen, at least in a fairly simple form. There's some design work involved to make sure those kinds of guided activities don't detract from the larger goals we want players setting for themselves, particularly in regard to territorial control, but done right and balanced properly it could give players some guidance when they don't have more pressing pursuits.

Even with existing work to leverage, there'd still be a fair amount of code involved, in particular to provide a way for quests and/or rewards to be repeatable on a timed basis, and possibly more in order to provide some of the rewards mentioned (XP specifically, as well as some of the crafting or other bonuses). It probably wouldn't involve an unreasonable amount of work for what we'd be getting, and would certainly be worth considering. As always though, we'd need to figure out where it fits in with our other priorities, including the cloud and Unity work. Alternatively, if there are small, isolated aspects of these ideas that could be done individually, it's possible we could work some of them in as we go, but they may not be as impactful as larger mechanics.
I know in PSO2, once you complete all the Daily quests you need to wait for the daily server reset (about 3:00AM), and the weekly quests are only set on Wednesdays during server reset. And since we do have those as well we do have a timing system in place and a spot to run a Set_Quest script.

Something that should happen is BEFORE the Cloud move and Unity Engine Upgrade are complete is a KEEP SIDE CHAT where everyone can listen and voice something about what needs to be done.
Those that don't show up for it, can't b*tch about not of having a chance to voice anything since a chance was given.
I didn't read all the ideas as it was too much for the time I have right now but wanted to mention one thing. The general idea of a reason to log in or at least something missed if you don't is huge. I have been busy at times and not been able to get on for a day or two but then it dawns on me that I didn't miss anything. Also I have been on daily and when crafting/next training levels take weeks or months the gather/killing gets boating.
This is something that really needs to be prioritized higher I think.
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Paddy Fitzpatrick
Well one set of things is settlement incentives:

1) Specialization Bonuses for Settlement Buildings - There is no real reward for running a high level settlement. For any that run above the bare minimum for T2 training, let them choose a couple small/medium buildings or one large one for special bonuses that scale with settlement level. Let the number or combination of buildings also be settlement level dependent. Level 10-15 can get you T2 crafting and feat bonuses. 16-20 give T3 bonuses. The low hanging fruit can be things like lower crafting time for each tier that scale by level, or somewhat less xp to train the feats a building may have in exchange for more bulk spent. That's not all you can do, you could also:

2) Make those chosen buildings look better - It doesn't have to be over the top but provide some additional looks for your chosen speciality buildings and gain some additional aesthetics to make each level or tier stand out.

3) Have soeciality buildings generate some additional DI.

4) Provide a choice between speciality crafting and increased crafting capacity for craft buildings - Pretty straightforward. You can allow a modification or even addition of a minor keyword or two, again in exchange for more bulk. A higher bulk cost can be made to add a second crafting slot per character who is a member of that settlement.

5) Have an option to choose the keep as one of.the buildings - It will count as a large building. First upgrade gives players more bulk from PvP raids. The second and significantly higher bulk cost upgrade can allow for a new PvP option. My proposal is for spending additional influence, a raid can also disrupt a holding for a day, preventing the usual building and collecting of bulk. This would be done instead of collecting bulk from the raid and it does not break holding protection (you still have to take it).

6) Town criers in Thornkeep for auction houses - If someone makes an auction house and chooses that as their specialized building, give them more advertising in game as a reward for spending more bulk on it.

There are other ideas I am sure people can think of but adding more incentives for building up settlements that are properly balanced by increased bulk costs that scale with the upgrade. These are some ideas that can open up a wide array of new gameplay styles or really allow any settlement with a specific theme to properly do what they always wanted. Instead of just increasing overall bulk requirements, give new reasons to spend that can jump start the game.
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Paddy Fitzpatrick
The game needs a redesign and adjustment of some of its core mechanics and content at an individual level.

One thing mentioned before is that the game needs to feel more like Pathfinder and I wholeheartedly agree. Here are my ideas for that, even though I'm sure these will be much more difficult to leverage current assets:

1) Remove the support for player abilities being dependent on being a part of a settlement - There was a time when to ensure that random murderhobos were much more likely that the rationale may have seemed ok. That time has long since passed and there are so many other ways to restrict random non consensual PvP that it is no longer needed. It is time to cut that umbilical cord and stop making player progress hopelessly dependent on joining a settlement. It not only opens up the possibility of a new group of independent players actually having a chance at getting their own settlement someday, but allows groups like roaming mercenaries and independent merchants amd stuff.

Settlements should have to convince prospective players with reasons to join beyond "you have to join a settlement to progress at all, so may as well choose us." Implementing the settlement incentives I mentioned earlier or other settlement incentives will make a huge impact there. Diversified and specialized settlements will be built to better attract the kinds of players they want.

2) Improved tutorial - An in depth tutorial not only on basics of movement and attack but also on feats, keywords, stats and so on. New players should not have to constantly ask for these basic core mechanics or look up extensive spreadsheets just to understand the basics of leveling up.

3) The leveling, stats and feat systems need to be modified to feel more like a Pathfinder character. Back in the day part of the issue was licensing or copyright or something like that with the OGL. But here is my idea for fixing it:

Have you considered basing it off of Pathfinder 2?

To me it is an excellent system, far superior to D&D 3.5, Pathfinder 1 and imo D&D 5e. It is wonderfully made, completely built from the ground up and is fully the property of Paizo. Pathfinder 2 is also a lot more feat based already when it comes to building your character on the tabletop so it may not be nearly as much of a paradigm shift as it may seem. If done well and is very faithful to the tabletop it can also give more exposure to the tabletop. I don't know how much work is required but if you really wanna make the game feel more pathfinder, start with modifying how feats and stats work and base it off of Pathfinder 2.
Paddy Fitzpatrick - Rí Ruírec of Fianna, roaming bands of noble warriors!
Member of Aragon Alliance and home of bandits, privateers, and anyone looking to get away from the shackles of law.
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If you want daily reasons to log in why don't one of you entrenched settlement holders attack another entrenched settlement holder and try and de-entrench them? Problem solved without resorting to a bunch of loot pinata rewards that do nothing good long term for any game meant to have a meaningful economy or actual player impacted empires.
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