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The Pharasmin Sequences

There are 4 days left to get your Blessing conversion requests in to (the deadline is Daily Maintenance on Monday, March 29). Even if you don't know what your final Blessing count will be, it's best to get your requests in early so we can work out any issues prior to the deadline. You get to tell me what to do with any additional Blessings anyway, so there's no risk of missing out if you get more Blessings after sending in your request, as long as you get them into the vault before the deadline.
I'm working through all the Blessing conversion requests right now, but it will take a little while to finish them all up. Be sure to leave any Blessings in your specified vault until you hear from me that your conversion is complete.
Just finished up the last Blessing conversion request so everyone's Boons are now in the proper vaults. Moving forward, Blessings can be manually converted by right-clicking on them in Inventory and selecting which Boon you'd like to receive in return.
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