I'm not sure we've ever made this explicit anywhere but one of the things that happens when a character dies and respawns is that all of the effects on them, both buffs and debuffs, are removed. Particularly for debuffs, this makes complete sense, since you wouldn't want to respawn only to bleed out again moments later. Most effects are also pretty short-lived, and feel like part of the battle you were in that resulted in your death, so again it makes sense for them to disappear when you die and are removed from the battlefield to respawn elsewhere.

The housing buffs (Divinely Inspired, …) and the new boons make use of the existing system for buffs and as a result also disappear on death, despite their extended durations. We're considering changing the code to let us say that certain buffs such as these do persist through death, which probably wouldn't be a trivial change but also not prohibitively difficult, but for now having the buffs expire before their time is up should just be seen as yet another reason to avoid death's icy (but temporary through the mercy of Pharasma) grip.