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OE 2.6 Preliminary Release Notes

These are the Preliminary Release Notes for Open Enrollment v2.6. We deployed a Final Candidate for OE 2.6 to the Test Server on Thursday, June 24 and plan to deploy it to Live during Daily Maintenance on Monday, June 28, assuming it performs well during final testing.

What Is In This Release

This release focuses on returning water to many of the rivers and touching up the bridges that cross them. Other improvements were also made in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

Rivers and Bridges:
  • Water was added to the rivers running north and east of Mediash, west of University Commons and north of Kindleburn, north of University Commons, on the east side of Aragon, from the cliff south of Phaeros, west of Tavernhold, through Fort Inevitable and south of Fort Ouroboros, north of Greystone Keep, north of Canis Castrum and Sunholm, below the cliff in hex -4,20, and to the remainder of the river running through Thornkeep.
  • Removed a stone dam that blocked the river running through Thornkeep.
  • Many bridges along those rivers were adjusted to touch the riverbed properly and to keep terrain and vegetation off their walkable surfaces.

Feats and Advancement:
  • Wolves tougher than a standard Wolf grant the new Elite Wolf Slayer Achievement.
  • Descriptions for the Mastery feats include the specific buffs each variant uses.
  • The description of Crusader only brags about “better overall defenses” instead of “best defenses.”

  • Regeneration enchantments are more powerful than before at Tiers 2 and 3.
  • The Human, Elf, Dwarf and Humanoid Bane enchantments have higher Base Attack and Base Damage bonuses than before.

Escalations, Encounters and Mobs:
  • Loot during the boss phase of Seekers from the Citadel was reduced to prevent farming.
  • The 30m encounter and some uneven encounters a little too close to the Emerald Spire were removed.
  • Moloch Cultists and Float Any River consistently use Priest as name for both male and female mobs.
  • Goblin Sergeant used as the consistent name for goblins previously referred to as either Goblin Sergeant or Goblin Subchief.

  • Alchemist’s Tools display a bomb icon when equipped.
  • Spectral spelled correctly on Spectral Nightshade Berry.
  • Cacophonous spelled correctly on Cacophonous Essence and Cacophonous Crystal.

Structures and Settlements:
  • The Visiting Combat Alchemist Trainers at the Keeps in player settlements have once again had their training levels dropped and have been completely removed from Keeps +0/1/2. They will likely be completely removed from the remaining Keep upgrades in the next build.
  • Fixed some floating/misplaced props for Guild Houses.
  • Repaired a gap in the retaining wall at the top of the stairs near the taverns in player settlements.
  • Removed unusable crafting doors from the Research Center and Bombing Range.

  • Multiple window entries include better instructions for opening the window.
  • Windows help entry mentions Friends Lists.
  • Personal Window renamed to Personal Slots Window to match tooltip on upper-left menu.
  • Undescribed icons from upper-left menu now referred to as Outstretched Wings and Silhouette buttons.
  • Reputation entry refers to Character Sheet, not Character Window.
  • Roles entry includes mention of Combat Alchemist.
  • Hexes entry refers to Wetlands instead of Swamplands.
  • Map and Minimap entries refer to setting pins instead of flags.
  • Added entry for Character Traits.
  • Multiple typos fixed.
  • Tooltip on upper-left menu corrected to Friends Lists.
For any of you wanting to check out OE 2.6 before it's deployed to Live, be warned that Zog has been crashing a lot for the last month or so. If you try to log in and the game says it can't access the servers, send email to and we'll get it restarted. Of course, it may be a while before we're available to restart it, and it may crash again shortly after being restarted, so checking it out may be a bit hit or miss.
Though Zog is finicky and requires a lot of restarting, testing is going well and we still plan to deploy OE 2.6 to Live during Monday's Daily Maintenance. I did find one chunk of river water that somehow didn't make it into the build, but better to leave that gap in the river for now and fix it in a quick content-only build soon than to run an entirely new build just for that one fix.
Harad Navar
Looking forward to the water.
Knowledge can explain the darkness, but it is not a light.
You are building a mountain range truck load by truck load. It's going to take time. Keep up the good fight! smile
We're deploying OE 2.6 this morning, so Daily Maintenance may last a little longer than usual.
OE 2.6 is now running on Live. Blog post and other announcements going out soon.
I did find one chunk of river water that somehow didn't make it into the build, but better to leave that gap in the river for now and fix it in a quick content-only build soon than to run an entirely new build just for that one fix.

Turns out this part of the river isn't missing on Live, only on Zog. Probably just a result of Zog only running a portion of the map, where Live runs the whole thing.
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