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Information on Update for Thursday September 25th

Ryan Dancey
We found and fixed an issue with setting up proper amounts of coin in accounts for use with the Auction House and the fix is being integrated now. Following that there will be a build process which may last up to 5 hours, then a period of testing and deployment. So the earliest the Update will be applied today is 17:00 (Pacific) and it could be later.

We are going to hold off on making the decision to start the Stress Test today or tomorrow based on when the actual build process completes. If it is too late in the day (say, after 19:00 (Pacific) will will begin the Stress Test tomorrow. Alpha accounts and those with Alpha access will not be affected by that decision, just the Early, Explorer and Open Enrollees who don't have Alpha access.

More info as it becomes available.
Just to clarify for my EE friends dying to start trying out this great game:
They will have access starting either today or tomorrow?
Oh, and thanks for focusing on a quality product rather than just rushing out the door. Much respect to all the staff.
Ryan Dancey
They will have access as soon as we tell them they have access. We expect to start the Stress Test today or tomorrow, and people will be notified in batches that their access is turned on.
Thank you for your response. The original statement makes it really clear now.
Good luck with the implementation. We all appreciate how hard you've all been working.
Ryan Dancey
We are preparing to deploy the Update. Server is going down in 15 minutes. Be sure you're running the Patcher (and not the Pathfinder program directly) to get the update.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
and the crowd goes wild!!!
*Crowd noises*
will the new version take care of the 'must run as administrator' problem with the last patch?

Thank you for your time
Oh Yeah! smile
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It may be that the server isn't online but the patcher now fails to run at all.
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