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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Responsse to The Denouement

I see that you have stopped following the Kickstarter comments. I have poster this there (and now here after u[fating this password)

Sorry to see the game go, but I lost the will to stay in after the first year. I do wonder how the project would have gone if that external backer had not pulled out and the game finished sooner.

The real sorry part is I paid more for the PC to play the game than I ever sent the game. I have had a hunk of iron sitting on corner of desk next to my Apple computer since. smile
I too am sad to see the game go.

I participated in the kickstarter, but when the game came out, my computer was too slow to play it. It took me another year to upgrade my computer, but I did and I have enjoyed the game ever since.

Now, I am trying to decide what to do in the waning months.

I will be trying to fill the Cauchemar Auction House with the most diverse and plentiful array of wares ever to be seen in the Realms.

I may also take over one of the destitute cities.

And I will be working with my partners to raise the level of Cauchemar to the highest it can be.

I expect to be around until the end.

Rich Clark (Maker, et al)
It was quite a nice dream and, honestly, though not the greatest MMO ever, it was the single most fun I've had playing one and the best groups of players/owners/devs I've met/played/contested against yet. Well done to all!

Thanks for all the fun. Best wishes to all. smile
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