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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

A Hale and Hearty Farewell to Cole

While we were discussing plans to shut down the game, Cole received and accepted a great job offer. Sad though we are to lose him, since he’s been indispensable to all the progress we’ve made in recent years and to keeping the game running so smoothly this whole time, we have nothing but grateful thanks for his many years of service and wish him all the best at his new job.

Fortunately, Cole spent some time over the last year training me to back him up on all our maintenance and deployment tasks. I can now make and deploy content-only builds, kick the servers myself on the rare occasions that they stop running properly, and even pull the game logs from the server, among many other tasks I previously left to Cole. This does mean we’re restricted to content-only fixes/updates for the remainder of Pathfinder Online’s operation, but that should be enough to provide everything needed for our final event, and to gather all the information needed about the final state of the world for the writeups.
Best wishes, Cole! smile
Fare-thee-well Cole….thanks for all your hard work in keeping our favorite lands to adventure in up and running!
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
Garric Orcsbane
Thanks for all the great work Cole.
Cole Brown
Thanks guys.

Working for Paizo on PFO has been great, and y'all have all been wonderful players.

Hope you all have a fantastic end of the world. smile
Thanks for the Hard work Cole
Harad Navar
Blessings and peace for all you have done for us and the game. The new job will be getting a great asset.
Knowledge can explain the darkness, but it is not a light.
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