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Pharasma Statue Changes

As was mentioned in the FAQ, we're planning to make the production of Pharasma statues a little "quicker" so there's a better chance more of them will get placed over the remaining four months. The main things I'm planning to do are these:

  • Increase the likelihood of gathering the Pharasma mats at nodes.
  • Increase the odds of getting Remembrances and Pharasma recipes when they're eligible to drop as loot.
  • Reduce the crafting time on all the Pharasma recipes.

I don't have precise numbers yet, but any changes will still leave all the Pharasma items as rare drops and the crafting will still take quite a bit of time.

Garric Orcsbane
I think that increasing the number of Pharasma mats in a hex before they degrade would be helpful.
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