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Statue of Pharasma Changes

With some helpful advice from Cole, I've got a plan for getting the installers built, but it may take a day or two (or three) to get through all the steps. If all goes reasonably smoothly, I should still be able to deploy to Zog sometime this week or early next week, then deploy to Live sometime next week.
Thanks Bob and Cole!
The technical issue I've been dealing with requires working with a third-party, and that's involved more back-and-forth, hurry-up-and-wait communications than I'd hoped. I think everything is just about sorted out on that end, so with a little luck I'll be able to try building the installers again today or tomorrow, or maybe the next day.
Apparently my most pessimistic prediction (at least the one I stated publicly) of "maybe the next day" was correct. After several rounds of email/chat/phone tag with our third-party, we finally worked out all the issues and I just now kicked off a new build of the installers. Assuming everything builds properly overnight and looks good tomorrow morning, I'll copy OE 2.7 to Zog and deploy it sometime in the afternoon.
Garric Orcsbane
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