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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Denouement Assigned Hexes

For our final event, each settlement will have an assigned monster hex and will receive 2 Pharasma Influence each time they clear their assigned sequence, with the sequences being launched a total of 3 times. Here are the initial assignments, based whenever possible on each settlement's assignment from the most recent event they participated in:

  • Alderwag 2-3
  • Aragon 2-3-2-3
  • Blackwood Glade 1-2
  • Brighthaven 3-3-4
  • Caer Coedwig 2-3
  • Callambea 4-5
  • Carpe Noctem 5-6
  • Cauchemar 3-3-3
  • Concordia 4-5
  • Corbenik 5-5
  • Dun Baile 6-6
  • Emerald Lodge 3-4
  • Forgeholm 4-4-4-4-4-4-5
  • Fort Ouroboros 4-4-4
  • Golgotha 3-4
  • Greystone Keep 1-2-2
  • Hammerfall 1-2
  • High Road 4-4-4-4-4-5-5-5-5
  • Hope's End 2-2
  • Keeper's Pass 1-2
  • Mediash 6-6
  • Middenheim 4-5-5
  • Oak Knoll 4-5
  • Ozem's Vigil 1-2
  • Phaeros 3-4
  • Staalgard 4-4
  • Succinct Prime 3-3-4
  • Sylva 2-3
  • Talonguard 1-6
  • Tavernhold 1-6
  • University Commons 1-1
  • Veggr Tor 2-3

If any settlements wish to change hexes, their owner/s can send email to either choosing from the following unassigned hexes or letting me know they've worked out a swap with another settlement:

  • Sunholm 5-5-6 (-20,10)
  • Fort Ouroboros 6-6 (-20,16)
  • Fort Ouroboros 2-3 (-16,17)
  • Fort Ouroboros 3-3-3-4 (-15,19)
  • Canis Castrum 4-4 (-14,11)
  • Hope's End 4-5 (-11,14)
  • Greystone Keep 3-3 (-7,19)
  • Staalgard 1-6-6 (-3,-7)
  • Phaeros 4-4-5 (-1,19)
  • Carpe Noctem 4-4-4 (1,7)
  • Forgeholm 4-4-4-5 (3,-2)
  • Brighthaven 1-2 (5,9)
  • Forgeholm 3-3-4 (6,-3)
  • Kindleburn 2-3 (6,6)
Garric Orcsbane
When is this kicking off?
The plan is to launch the first wave on October 29 (Friday), the second three weeks later on November 19 (Friday) and the third five days later on November 24 (Wednesday), with the event ending four days later when we shut down on November 28 (Sunday).
With OE 2.8 running smoothly, we're all set for the final event to start on Friday, October 29, featuring a brand new escalation with Nhur Athemon's Chosen. For the first wave, right after Daily Maintenance that day, I'll launch a new sequence leading to that escalation in all the assigned hexes. Aside from the final escalation, the sequence isn't particularly long or difficult, but should break things up a bit and give lower-level and/or solo adventurers a good way to contribute.

For the second (Friday, November 19) and third (Wednesday, November 24) waves, things will be handled a little differently. Rather than relaunch the sequences, undoing any progress made on incomplete sequences and requiring those who completed them to work their way through all the same escalations again, I'm instead going to relaunch the new escalation by itself in just those hexes that already cleared it from the previous wave. That will give everyone right up until Daily Maintenance on Sunday, November 28 to complete their initial sequence and earn some Pharasma Influence, and will make it a little easier for those who complete it a little earlier to get credit for clearing the final escalation a second or third time.

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