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Mumble Client Stops Transmitting While Alpha is Running

Caldeathe Baequiannia
I don't think that's correct. A shortcut does not "run." It is only a pointer. They might be to different executables, but you can not run a shortcut as admin and have the application launch as not admin.
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I cannot tell you why one works and one does not. There is only one Mumble executable on my computer, so they're obviously pointing to the same one. But going through the search bar does dependably make the issue go away. *shrug*
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I just made a Shortcut to Notepad.exe and Run as administrator isn't even an option for the shortcut (it's greyed out), although it's available for the .exe.

Whenever I've set up a program to Run as administrator, I've always made sure to do it on the .exe directly.
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