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another cant log in

I cant seem to log in at all, i have looked over the forums to see if it was solved somewhere else, if it was i could not tell or find it.

I can get the patcher to run, and the log in promp up, i put in my info and a few moments latter i get " could not connect to " i have tried to ping that address but all i get is 100% loss rate, so i tried many other sites even google all of them when i use the command promp to ping give back 100% loss rate. i sent a message to the customer support a few days ago no response, so i post here in hope of being able to get in the game for the first time. i have tried on two different computers one with windows 7 as a desktop, one a laptop with windows 8. both get the same cannot connect message.
Ryan Dancey
Please email me your public IP address and your username
For those that don't know how to obtain your public IP address (versus your private/LAN address), you can find it easily by typing the following phrase into Google: "what is my ip". Additionally, if you'd like a more traditional approach, there is always
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