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Login Failed

I logged in this morning and every thing seemed fine. I tried to log in a second character and received the error message for the first time. Yes I check that the password was typed correctly. type it one letter and number at a time. Yes I check to see that cap loc was not on.. it was not. Yes I check my spelling. I restarted from the patcher I ran that as a admin. I log on the character I had log in already and tried it with no character in game and now I can not get in at all.
Be back later tonight to see if it resolves itself.
Check the time you had a failure: they've begun server maintenance every day at 0900PDT.
I'm pretty sure this was after the maintenance. Di was with on TS afterwards and I think it was then that she was mentioning this problem.

I did verify that I was able to login Khimber while Nihimon was still active, though, so it seems to be an isolated problem.
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It was after maintenance and as of right now 6:33 pm I can still not log in.
I had my session crash right at 9am PDT .. but the server was available again a few minutes later. I've not had any issues with any of my characters so it appears isolated, unfortunately.
well I got my tech son to uninstall then reinstall the game that seem to fix the problem. I no longer getting the log in failed.
Keep him around, give him an Alpha invite, and teach him to play!
I am getting a log in failure for the first time. Everything was working fine last night, and now its 8:45 AM EST. Don't know what to do….
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@Jqazz since he over 25 year and does not see to have any indication he be leaving soon keeping him around not hard. Not really interested in mmmo his older brother Joey is and will be playing under the name Azouth.
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