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Maps for Settlements

Dazyk of Phaeros
Heck, I'd settle for an arrow pointing north…
Dazyk Half-Elven, Elder of the Frozen Fingers, the shock- troops of Phaeros. If you are a fighter, cleric, or rogue, and enjoy battle, be it PVP or PVE, we are the company for you! We welcome role-players, casual gamers, and hardcore players alike.

Find your hidden strength, join the Frozen Fingers today!
Dazyk's PFO Resources Folder
Heck, I'd settle for an arrow pointing north…

That would certainly help, but I'm greedy.
Harad Navar
Planned for the next major up date to the Unofficial PFO Atlas.
Knowledge can explain the darkness, but it is not a light.
[This once was a now-unnecessary post]
Lee Hammock
Azure, are you going into the settlement's keep? The achievement's only check within the walls of the keep.

Seems to be working now, did not work more than a week ago
I just ran around the outside of the Keep wall, the inside of the keep wall, the outside of the keep building, every tent, and generally every spot of ground inside the Keep wall and I couldn't get the Achievement for Discover Rogue/Wizard Settlement in Phaeros. I checked my Achievement Log and I only have Discover Crafting Settlement completed.

For what it's worth, it looks like some of the graphics are just a little off-center, so maybe the point we're supposed to walk over is underneath something that's not expected to be there.

[Edit] And then I realized I was still in Keeper's Pass… Please disregard, but I'm leaving it here to teach me humility.

[Edit 2] Got the Discover Rogue/Wizard Settlement Achievement easy as pie walking through the entry to the Keep in Phaeros.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
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