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Error on Install alpha 9

I keep getting an error message whenever I try to install alpha 9. I have deleted all other versions of PFO and restarted my computer. This is the message:

C:\Program Files (x86)\PathfinderOnline\Pathfinder_Data\Textures.pig
An error occurred while trying to copy a file:
The file source is corrupted.

IF I hit the Skip button it continues on, but I get another error message.
I was able to play prior to alpha 9. I had no problems installing it on my laptop but that's not really a gaming machine.

Thanks for any and all help with this issue.
Ryan Dancey
Uninstall, delete all files, re download, reinstall.
I deleted all PFO files that I could find, restarted the computer and attempted to re-install the game but I got the same error message.
Ryan Dancey
Try uninstalling, then re-installing the file to a different directory, preferably, if you have one, on another disk volume.
I took your advice. I transferred the files from my laptop over to my PC and it works now!

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