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PFO Wiki Spreadsheets Updated

Lee Hammock
The PFO Wiki spreadsheets have been updated with all the appropriate information for this build for feat advancement.
Dazyk of Phaeros
It doesn't look to me like the Fighter Armour Feats have been changed to include the 'OR' Dexterity requirement. Am I looking at this wrong?
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Lee Hammock
All fighter armor is not supposed to be Dex based, only the Archer armor is. They are all now (Strength or Dexterity) and Constitution based.
Working through the latest spreadsheet data (planning out a Con-based Commoner) and noted a few things that might be disconnects or might be hurdles that I just have to find a way over/around.

Light Armor Proficiency:
- At Lv1 this gives Dexterity=.001, Strength=.001, Wisdom=.001, Dexterity=.001
(That second Dex bonus seems odd; I was wondering if it is a Con bonus for Pioneers)
- At Lv2 this requires Dexterity=11.
(This might be an oversight, and Con or other attributes might be needed. Or I might have to get Dex up to 11 to wear Tier 2 armor)

Medium Armor Proficiency
- Gives Con, Dex, and Wis bonuses.
- At Lv2 this requires Strength=11 or Dexterity=11
(Again, might be an oversight, and Con and Wis might be added to the 'or' list. Or Commoners (and Clerics) might have to get Str or Dex up to 11 to wear Tier 2 medium armor. Which I could accept - it's pretty heavy stuff.)

tldr; There are no armor proficiencies that allow a Con-based character to wear Tier 2 armor without raising another Attribute to 11.
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