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Now I like gathering when Stealthed, since HARDLY ANYONE is around to deal with the escalations at this point in time.

If it is to be a feat it should be a expensive and passive feat, Further More to get good Stealth you NEED subterfuge achievements, which do take a good while to rack up for some folks.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
…whether things like "bag of holding" are simply a buff, in the form of a passive "feat," or a real item. The key distinction being, whether they are an equippable/threadable item, and if so, will their contents come with them or not.

Stephen Cheney
You can equip a backpack instead of a cloak, pouches instead of a belt, and bags of holding instead of other wondrous items. The purpose of all of these is to increase your encumbrance limits for your general inventory. So:
  • Yes, you can thread them.
  • No, threading them doesn't protect what's in them (because they don't have individual contents, just a bonus to general inventory).
Thank You JazzlVraz, Kitsune and everyone else in the forums.

That was the type of information that I've been scrounging for.

It' looks very much like GW is taking a lot of the player concerns very seriously.
Thank you all.
Now Backpacks are something that is needed the moment they flip the encumbrance switch
Agreed with previous statements, in a very simple way:
If you're going to take this away ever, do it now. Don't let it past the Early Enrollment gate if it won't be in the game later.

I have to agree with this because I'm still finding myself missing the 5k xp/hr! smile
Now Backpacks are something that is needed the moment they flip the encumbrance switch

Except you're still carrying it; therefore, you're still encumbered. Bag of holding, handy haversack, or a cart would be great! At least a cart for commoners would be helpful.
Here's my opinion about breaking and retaining stealth through activities:

Rather than just flatly saying activity X breaks stealth, activity Y doesn't, and with feat Z activity X doesn't either the game could have a stealth penalty system. Gathering would impose a penalty of, say, 50, running 150 and so on. You could train feats that would mitigate those penalties, like the commoner feat for gathering.

When the penalties add up, the stealth would eventually break. This could be in relation to percentual dealta value: you lost 70% of your initial stealth -> break strealth. Or it could be tied to flat value: your stealth is effectively 0 now -> break stealth.

I think it would make stealth a more flexible thing and more confusing (that's a good thing, right?).
That's kinda how tabletop works, in some regards. When sneaking about, if you do something (e.g. make a noise, move something that's in the corner of someone's eye, etc.), you slowly increase suspicion of those that might notice you. If you do enough of this stuff, they'll eventually deduce that some jerk is in there, stealin' their stuffs.
Indeed. I would like to retain a certain vibe from the TT rules - like how you are allowed to hide again after taking a shot with your trusty crossbow, at -20. I know the system I described above includes a lot more code and variables (and tweaking said variables), but at the same time it could add some exciting nuances to gameplay.
Right now you can hide again instantly, as soon as you stop moving. I think that's likely to change.
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