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Armour TextureMap Broken

When I load up PFO and login, character armour textures are broken.

When I load in the game world, It's fine for a while

Then it goes to the Broken TextureMap

And it does not matter the Graphic Settings.
Ditto. Soldiers scale, and Novitiates scale.
Good… Bad… I'm the guy with the bow.
So I'm not the only one with this Broken texture problem
Have you reinstalled? Are you drivers updated? What graphics card are you using?

To me it looks like your armor texture is being rendered as if it was far away, with a lower detail texture. But I don't even know if GW is doing this, or if Unity has that capability.
Part of the UV map is broken, given that I did some 3D modeling and texturing and this is what it looks like.

Drivers are upto date, and this did NOT happen on an earlier i.e. Version 9 of the alpha.
Wolf of Rathglen
It happened to me a patch or two ago, the one where glow affects were added. I updated, logged in, and plate armor is acid-frayed/Damascus steel with lightning shoes ever since.
Hammerfall: Like a waterfall, but tougher.
"acid-frayed/Damascus steel with lightning shoes". In P&P would that be a +1 or +2 modifier?
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