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Character Icon missing from Map after death

Frequently, after I die, my Character Icon is missing from the main Map. Logging out and back in usually fixes this.

Right now, neither my Character icon nor my Pin show up on the main Map, but I can still double-click the main Map and put a Pin that shows on my mini-map.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
Same here, though I can see my pin on the mini-map, after I place it
Lee Hammock
We've got a few issues with teh map server losing characters. Not that y'all would see it, but when we teleport using GM commands we have the same problem. We're looking at it.
"What a nice-looking bug."
I would like to report the same bug.

I intentionally died to verify this bug. Before I was killed, Icon on map. After I was killed icon was not on map. Log out and re-log in to return icon. Once icon is 'lost', then it never comes back until re-log in.

Hope this was helpful.
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