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Magic Master?

Considering that the way it was read left it sounding as if you got all of that stuff. Its not as if I bought a 10 dollar member ship. It was a large amount of money. I think I will be contacting Pazio about it. After speaking with my credit card company they agree it is a bit misleading.

The Goblin Works website says NOTHING about anything Ryan told anyone, or even that there WAS a kickstarter. Only the choice to buy some things unless you dig very deeply, in areas you cant even get to until AFTER your an alpha member. If they refuse to at least offer me the ability to buy it. I will simply stop resolve it through my credit card company.

Pazio has not been exactly great with their customer service lately, considering the money I have spent with the company since day one, this just is not something I would have expected from them. The only mention of kickstarter at ALL in that offering was that you would get ALL daily kickerstarter items and everything from that tier and below.

Making no mention of other things. It may not be direct bait and switch but its border line when your talking 1500 dollars. 300 more than that tier was IN the kickstarter. I do not mind supporting a company. I do mind feeling cheated.

Sorry to all of you that disagree. There should have been a flat link to the kick starter page, or a flat mention that though it included all daily items and all things in the tier there where some other things involved on the side. Dont toss the the term ALL around with ease.
If you go to Paizo's customer support for a problem with Goblinworks, you are going to make yourself very angry for no benefit.

You might have better luck going through Goblinwork's customer service, and I have little doubt that you could get a full refund without too much trouble, regardless of the validity of your points.

There are lots of KS accounts with EE available for sale on the secondary market, all of which should have DT, and you should be able to buy the Magic Master upgrade on those accounts. Warning: Goblinworks Customer Service probably cannot refund your purchase of an account from a third party.
Thank you for pointing out whom I should be referring my issues too. Your right of course, even I was focused on Goblinworks when I bought the items not Pazio, so going to them now is rather silly. I appreciate the time to give me valid information even if you disagree with my thoughts.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I'm Sure GW will do what they can to accommodate you. There's nothing in it for them to annoy you. Unless they have no way to do what you want, I'm sure it will get worked out.
To reach me, email
If you want a DT account that BAD
You can browse here and try to find one.
There are a few here.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Hunter was still looking a few hours ago

And a couple more from Tasarak here
To reach me, email
Thank you. I already messaged both. Worst case Ill just get a refund use one of those then Rebuy in. Im just waiting on GW to respond now that i know the actuality of things. Thank you.
I think that would certainly be your best bet:
- Contact Goblinworks and ask if they'll kindly process a refund.
- Purchase an account from a reputable person on the forums.
- Upgrade the account to Magic Master and pay the difference/upgrade.

Alternatively, if they don't want to do the refund, ask if they'll transfer the account benefits from one to the other. You'll still end up with an extra account in end this way, however.

I will say that it is unfortunate that some of the options available do not have clear descriptions, but I believe this is a side-effect of Goblinworks simply trying to offer a "latecomers" option for those who still want to buy-into this game. I agree that much of the Kickstarter stuff should be copy-pasted over to GW's website, and I'm really surprised that that hasn't happened yet.

As for "missing out" on Destiny's Twin, I have to agree with Ryan's statement and the statements of others here in this thread. It was a risky move, knowing that forever going forward, nobody will ever get Destiny's Twin, and there will be much complaining. However, if you look at many other Kickstarters, there's often Kickstarter-exclusive rewards… Such as names in credits or even prototypes of technology and such. Stuff that will never be available again, apart from people selling them on-the-side.

However, information about this should still be on, very readily available. "Here's what happened during our 2nd Kickstarter! People got these things… and these things… and you can get some of these things by buying-in now! Specifically, you can buy this… and this… and get this…"

At least then you (and who-knows how many others?) would have known that such a thing called "Destiny's Twin" was available, and something you might look around for to buy a legacy account.

I agree that it's a shame this was not presented more clearly and more readily.

Best of luck getting this straightened out and getting everything you want… And welcome to Pathfinder Online! ^_^
Thank you Very much Kitsune. Ryan Readily offered a refund. I am now in the market (and paying rather well) for A account with Pioneer level or so and all the Special Digital perks that came from the add-ons like DT. I dont care about the physical stuff, nor do I care about the pdfs only account related stuff. I will be more than happy to offer double or mabye more For such an account smile
To note ive already contacted both the people on the boards that where selling.
LOL this would be starcry posting from my wives account.
LOL this would be starcry posting from my wives account.

I was kinda thinking that was the case, but thank you much for the clarification, hehe. smile
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