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Abby something or other
Pretty sure if you ever paid for a subscription, even one month, you can post. If you just took your free time and ran, you can't post when it's finished (not sure if you could during your free time.)

* My subscription is inactive, and I approved this post.
Abby something or other
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
There is serious problem and weakness in the system, however, in that a hostile person gaining a leader spot in the parent company can destroy(or as close as the diff matters little) a settlement in less than 5 min.
This is why I said I would inform Kenton Stone, before the transaction takes place.
Awww…so sweet. Your concern for us is sufficient to send an email that it's going to happen, but not sufficient to take a couple of minutes to log in and demote yourself. But then that would reduce the value of your account for sale wouldn't it? Touching.
Abby something or other
Abby something or other
Finally a reason to feud Aragon. Thanks for the tip.

This is just full of fail… LOL. "Finally a reason to fued Aragon", isn't "because I want to" enough? Are you afraid of what others might say if you become aggressive for no other reasons? That you started a fued on a chaotic settlement?
Hell, make up some RP reason if that's your cup of tea.

Also, there was no tips given here. If you were not aware that Aragon was going for Freevale, then you are no one Aragon needs to worry about. I've been out of the game until about a week ago, and I was aware of this.

And if you did know about it, and just wanted to sound "tough", well, you failed.
Cool down, there, Tig. It's just a joke. I don't even have a company to feud with….
Abby something or other
Freevale was still owned by GPunk and still is until the guys from Aragon finish taking it over.
Finally a reason to feud Aragon. Thanks for the tip.