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With honesty, at least in the spell casting field, I would really look at a few spells that would not need ammo period. Some combat spells etc for mages, heals for clerics etc

I know the number crunchers will add their own two copper at some point.

Okay, so let me see if I get this right. Not only will I have to worry about Ammo which will cause further encumbrance to me, but I will have to juggle that with Mana for spell casting? So a double hit to use my spells and a double limiter? The Ammo which I will have to have made and the mana which I will have to continually rest to recharge?

I can understand it if I was to say take a hit to my effectiveness if I used some spells such as Earthquake and some of the other high ones may require components, but in effect I am penalized for even healing as a cleric because of this idea.

Bob, I love you guys but this seems a big hit to anyone other than a Melee fighter and a REALLY big hit to spell casters.
I remember playing with Brenna and she was a definite strong presence in any raid group, and she brought some laughs to me by her presence during times where I didn't think it was possible. I lost my grandmother to cancer last year and I know how devastating it can be. I won't belabor the obvious, but keep yourself healthy as well, it's so easy to forget to take care of yourself in a situation like this.

Thank you Giorgio and Thank you Brenna.
Who da wha? I said what? You really do have this persecution complex and love to take even imaginary conversations to new level. This from the same person that was screaming in general how I unfairly attacked you, despite you having been put on the PFU Kill on Sight List and being kicked from Phaeros by Thorgrim.

I really think you need to switch to Decaf.
Wait a second,


Desna's few temples are usually observatories and are as open to the night sky as possible. Desna is not a goddess of beauty but of dreams, stars, luck and travelers. What people do on her behalf is different but she is not ostentatious. Especially as most of her followers are too busy traveling and exploring to bother with building something as big as you are thinking, having a shrine in a previously unexplored area is alright by her.

Shelyn on the other hand is a goddess of beauty,art, love and music. She asks her clergy to focus on creativity and her temples focus on music and are architectural marvels. Shelyn's communities try to protect natural and existing beauty as well.

Or looking at it another way, Desna focuses on the unexplored and new while Shelyn focuses on finding more within. The shrines and temples of both reflect this.
In the past when Phy offered PVP classes they were well attended, the practical class had several individuals from many different companies and when Rynnik took over the class it was also well attended also. With the GENCON situation and various summer vacations as well as work, the active class schedule for the past few weeks has been quite fluid and no one was entirely sure of what was available and when causing difficulties for students and advertisers.

Tig's gladiatorial games have a lot of potential and I have great hopes for it short and long term.
With honesty Stephen, you are proposing some changes to the game that seem like over reaction the other way. PVE to many is an important part of the game and saying that you want to enhance the AOE in PVP by removing friendly fire, lessening effects, and then making cool down periods longer seems to be harming both.

In the role of PVE, by removing friendly fire, you have dumbed down the game by making people think less about what their damage may do, made it so that most of the mage's arsenal takes a substantial hit as well as some clerical and fighter abilities, and then combine that with the idea of more difficult bosses while reducing the damage of those less effective attacks. Even the clerical Channel Positive risk of healing your enemies is taken out of the equation while reducing its effectiveness.

In PVP, the removal of friendly fire means that you can simply bring a large mob to the combat that do nothing but AOE's and ensure that they can wipe out an opponent without worrying about harming their own side. Even the idea of removing friendly fire for healer AOE's means that get enough people with Channel Positives and you can keep healing your team en masse while not worrying about the effect it will have on your opponent. Both of these concepts, in addition to the less damaging AOE attack, require a RADICAL rethink of combat and PVP mechanics and dumb down much of PVP for many.

Stephen, while any changes are bound to get a community upset, heaven knows many of us are veterans of several other MMO's, this seems to simply be a bad reaction to one that causes a devastating dumb down and loss of effectiveness to both. You may be thinking of how it will look better in the long run, we are looking at the right now with little information as to why these changes are needed except because of PVP and with many of the PVP'rs who this patch seems designed to effect away at Gencon and unable to provide feedback….. at the very least bad timing.

Some are upset about the dumbing down effect of not having friendly fire, others are upset about the lack of test time on the test server due to the quick turn around, still others are concerned about how this patch could effect holdings and settlements if the patch installation messes up. It doesn't matter if these are simply irrational or rational fears concerns, the fact that people have them is something to be aware of.

Dangerous combinations.
: Hearing Aurora Calling his name Auriga ran over to Aurora as quickly as he could:

"Aurora, what's going on…what happened here?" His mind already forming to a basic healing orison, even if she did not need one she would be healthy and there would be no harm done. " What happened to Kiernan?". Said moderately softly as the words of the dancing lady allowed him to channel the healing light once again. His desire to help others was tempered by the presence of Aurora and his noticing of others starting to come around to see the damage.

Auriga had arrived and had begun to move people to help them to the tavern, perhaps he had mumble something to himself about Pharasma's presence and mark making sure that none would truly stay dead, although the idea of burning to death and then returning to life should not appeal to many.

As the Baron approached and talked to Auriga, he turned and looked at the new individual. "Blessings of the Dancing Lady upon you sir. " While he wasn't necessarily concerned by his presence, especially in light of the powers of resurrection, he took the commentary a little strangely. " I would be happy to discuss this matter at length with you sir but only after we save the people inside the tavern. " Noticing how the Baron turned and winced at the shoulder pain he nodded, "again something we may discuss after the Tavern fire sir. " At that Auriga nodded his head at the Baron and took off to the tavern, invoking the power of the lady to create water and wind in order to blow away fumes and calm down flames. As he did that he kept looking for Aurora and perhaps her brother Kiernan whom he had yet to meet.

Digging into the tavern he looked around and called out the name "Aurora, Kiernan" perhaps in vain but he was definitely concerned for his friends and organizing those who had come in to help with the flames to fix the problem.
The ways of a Cleric of Desna meant that travelling was not only expected, but almost a requirement in supplication to the deity. Auriga wondered at the strange dome that had trapped only a certain area of the River Kingdoms, he could see out and others could see in. He could even communicate with those other people but it was impossible to enter or leave and even items were unable to pass through the dome. The strangest part of this for him was that this had occurred while he slept. Upon awakening in the settlement of Riverbank he saw the strange dome and stared in wonderment at it, even thinking it was a dream. Other travelers he encountered reported that much of this area of the River Kingdoms was similarly blocked off and strange markers with the markings of the Lady of Death had appeared throughout the dome.

However his wonderment had to wait as he had promised Aurora that he would meet with her in the city of Marchmont and meet her brother and return to their days of traveling and exploration, perhaps they might even find a way out of this strange "trap" that was surrounding all of them. Perhaps on his travels north from Riverbank he might meet another traveler or learned sage that had a better answer for them about this situation than simply "the playthings of the gods."
While he knew that the gods had a direct connection with the world, he had problems thinking that the gods would directly control all his or anyone else's actions, it went against many of the ideas of faith.

Still after an hour of contemplation he began his trip north. The Dancing Lady was kind to her followers and granted them swiftness of foot and endurance to run, and Auriga began his trip north only stopping occasionally to rest or to ask in taverns of cities he passed what the strange markers and dome meant. It was only near Iron Gauntlet that an Elvish Fighter told him a strange secret "You can't live, and you can't die anymore, not for long anyways." The fighter laughed at that and returned to his cups, completing quite a collection of jugs and bottles in a strange spiral pattern. Auriga thought that the poor Elf had perhaps gone crazy, but he pondered the words and thought that the only thing that made sense was undeath. The road beckoned however and he ran out of town heading towards Marchmont, and ran right into an Ogre Encampment.

The six, or perhaps seven or more Ogres stared at Auriga as he stared back and he began to move his feet to get away. Somehow the Ogres, or perhaps it was an Ogre Shaman, paralyzed Auriga as he backpedaled and quickly fell to the spears and clubs of these Elven Enemies. Auriga's last thoughts were an apology to Aurora for failing to meet her, and a prayer to Desna. His eyes closed and he expected to find himself in the land of butterflies and open roads.

A few moments later he awoke, thinking that he was in the blessed land of the lady he looked around and thought that the colors were quite drab, the only notable thing was a Spiral Marked Shrine of the Lady of Death. He pinched himself and realized that he still felt pain, finally understanding the words of that elven fighter in Iron Gauntlet. His eyes opened in fright and he realized that he needed to warn Aurora and her brother of what was happening, dashing to Marchmont as fast as he could and staying away from the area where the Ogres had killed him, ignoring the loss of his items. He arrived in the city of Marchmont only to hear a boom coming from the far end of town, his only thought and realization was that it had to have something to do with Aurora and he ran over to help his friend from the smoking mess.