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One huge problem to making holdings and outpost cost more when they are further away, is the 'Little guy' and the 'new guy'… The only hexes I could grab to get Cauchemar built are very far from home.
With so much of the map already claimed there isn't are very limited opportunities for someone to build new with lower than maxed out characters.

Yes that is the case, but it also causes another problem, think of the bulk resources.
Most terrain types only have 3-4 types of bulk that can be collected and we need 5 types in large amounts, this means if your in the middle of one terrain type that settlement can be royally screwed over in bulk and taxes, while those at the edges of multiple types would have a very easy time on the taxes and bulk resources.
* The Map is TOO big for the current Population, it need to be shrunk down (like the size of the test server).

Everything is too big. Every concept and every mechanical function was envisioned(originally) for a game that would have several 1000 players to start and many 1000s on waiting lists to get in. Suppose they can't be faulted for dreaming big, but yeah, it wouldn't hurt to scale things down a bit until some players sign up.

I agree, they can't be faulted for thinking big.
but if the map of now were to shrink down in size, all it'll do is cheese off the settlements at the edges that are active.
It'd require a WIPE of the game map with prizes (choices of a settlement spot, buildings, holdings and outpost etc ) based on the status of each alliance so you don't cheese them off and have them completely restart from scratch.

Now something that should be thought about, is the idea of perfect persistence for this game is suppose to have.
I don't think it'll work, as it seems we need a form of map reset under certain conditions and or based on time frames (say every 5 years).
This means when a reset happens a new group of players aiming for their own settlement comes in they have a really decent starting chance of getting and starting their own settlement.
Now if the alliances on each reset collapse into ONE settlement, it'll mean every reset has tons of opportunity for new groups, but have to get to work on getting their settlement.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
If we are going to go as far as a wipe once unity upgrade is done (preferably also after Alchemist is done too), then also maybe we can go a bit further and have a smaller map. One thing that also isn't fun is the constant run sim from one far flung area to the other. With a small pop just with us and a steadily growing one you will never interact with one another or meet anyone. Just a large world that takes forever to get from point A to point B.

At this point let's be real the existing groups only need maybe 1-3 settlements tops to get everything they need for what they wanna do. There is no need to have so many more derelict settlements all over the place to even have a settlement collector problem in the first place.

However that is an entire topic on its own.

Funny things is I recall mentioning an idea very much like this idea about a year or two ago.

I do recall the following points I did make;
* The Map is TOO big for the current Population, it need to be shrunk down (like the size of the test server).
* All alliances would be collapsed into ONE settlement each and would choose from open settlements (in order of most settlement or holdings?).
*There would be ONLY one or two claimable settlements available, BUT they'd be locked up UNTIL certain conditions were met (i.e. player population rose to say 500).
* The number of available claimable hexes would be such that NOT ALL settlements could run at a support of level 20 with all +5 buildings, with the overall average for the settlements being a support of level 18 with all +4 buildings.
–> this point was made so settlements need to watch their PVP windows and defend to keep their levels, they go AFK for a while and could loose their stuff, but the setup is such that if a settlement got too greedy they'd piss off the other settlements and risk being attacked by a larger force who'd put them back into a more reasonable level of holdings.
Sorry for rising this thread from the Dead,

But since the Unity upgrade is going to be happening, I wanted to make sure this got remembered.
Let's just say that the wandering escalation is special in a few other ways that I've not posted yet….
All Free-Trail Mode characters CAN NOT generate Influence, that loop hole has been closed.

They can be created and join companies as normal.
@ Rynnik
this tax will do nothing, as all they need is ONE freaking holding to keep a settlement and this tax will be nothing to break it and make the settlement claimable.
If this tax will do nothing what have you been posting about in the previous 7 pages?

The tax will do nothing to Settlement Collectors, Guess I should of made that more clear.
And the only ones that'll really feel it the most are the casual and or independent settlements.
@ Rynnik
this tax will do nothing to settlement collectors, as all they need is ONE freaking holding to keep a settlement and this tax will be nothing to break it and make the settlement claimable.

This tax is NOT an answer that works, we need something that forces a change in thought of keeping a settlement and taking hexes along with opening up hexes like;
* Requiring that a Settlement control it's core 6 (now this would start hurting settlement collectors more then the tax in some ways since they can't tuck a holding(s) far away into protected territory so no one can easily cause a fault in DI payment.)
* Caps on the number of Holdings a settlement can have, would force settlements looking to expand any more into doing some very expensive in game work and open up some hexes.

Edit: added clearity
Yeah I broke off one idea already.
and linked to a thread I started with two new event types, one got written up the other I didn't put up yet.
We could use some New events types that I posted up earlier
And they could ALL easily use code or code fragments that already exist in game.
Now I will say one could also be used in siege warfare to make the final stage more interactive and a race for both sides.

Now one thing that could make the game more Fun is to go backwards some or take some steps back, but modify them.
Now what I'll be talking about will be removing a Number of the chores that come in this game, the only few that'll be left are;
watching you PVP window, tracking DI, and keeping your monster hexes clean and or properly surpressed.

We go back to the Old War of Towers System, but modified somewhat.
* No Influence, or Bulk resources.
* All Feuds are FREE, and only require ONE day's notice (mainly due to needing the daily server down)
* PVP window system stays as is, no dealing with the PVP window every darn day.
* Siege engines DO NOT require a supply line, if the company is NOT in a settlement.
* base settlement support level will be level 12, and every 2 hexes is 1 support level, so with a complete core 6 you'll have level 15 support, then you'll only need 10 more hexes for level 20.
* All settlement buildings and upkeep will not need bulk resources and their training level is still based on their +X/+X values.
* All hexes still have holdings and outposts, but they Can not be torn down, and can only be changed by a leader/officer that has either;
level 12 engineer and or 6 seneshal through a building interface (all are available sans the T3 siege stuff)
if that leader/officer is both a level 12 engineer and level 6 seneshal, they can change a holdings and outposts to the T3 siege stuff.
* All holdings and outposts in a hex will run at the same +X/+X values
* A hexes holdings and outposts +X/+X values will be determined by a number of factors and they are cumulative with a starting base of +2/+2,
–> Hexes in the core 6 are +1 higher
–> Hexes adjacent to a Monster or Home is +1 higher
–> Hexes adjacent to a Shield hex (sans pass hexes) or NPC town are +1 Higher (happens only once).
–> Hexes Running High Security take a -1 hit and are lowered
–> Hexes Running Medium Security gain nothing.
–> Hexes Running Low Security are +1 higher.
–> Hexes that have their best resource at 400 or lower also get a +1 bonus.

An optional added point could be;
* All hexes are UN-protected except for the Core 6 of a settlement and to take a core 6 hex requires the use of a siege engine in a adjacent hex.