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I hope that you DON'T allow the game to be completely Pay to Win with buying extra XP.
I'd like it if there was a CAP, where one can't exceed what a Day 1 character would have, or you'll have some whale players buying enough EXP to be level 20 in everything right out the door.
What about having the cap be based on the age of the account? Something like max XP purchased per character limited to same amount a subscription would give?
Meaning on 2 day old account (24hrs old) the purchase limit would be 2400 xp, and so on.
This limit would mean that someone could get double the xp if they maxed out and had the character subscribed, but would that be too much?
Maybe a time based purchase limit of only buying a max amount of xp per month? 72k xp per month would then be doubling xp for a subscribed character.

Your feeding the Pay to Win whales with what you said.
No, the Cap should be set at What a perfectly subbed Day 1 account would have at the any moment.
This would stop any Pay to Win whales from getting level 20 in everything, or getting to it twice as fast.
I hope that you DON'T allow the game to be completely Pay to Win with buying extra XP.
I'd like it if there was a CAP, where one can't exceed what a Day 1 character would have, or you'll have some whale players buying enough EXP to be level 20 in everything right out the door.
You are a Troll

Geography Buff
Magic Master (though maybe this is Tevis manuever? Still, should be 6 total)
Item Master
Famous Ancestor

I pledged at one of those levels listed above and never heard a single solitary word from GW regarding it.

I'm waiting a until some things are in before I cash in my Geo buff reward.
You are a Troll
Seems like there are an awful lot of *promises* that are not only FAR from being fulfilled but also not even mentioned any more - as if they no longer count or matter or were never promises. How can GW declare Open Enrollment with so much left unfulfilled that many people specifically pledged extra $$$ for?

Wow your right, stuff is missing;

Daily Deals
Honorable Title
Secret Salute
Regional Trait Pack
Additional Alliance Pack
Twice-Marked of Pharasma
The Memorial of Honor

And likely a few more.
we need things for more players and not just the PVE elites,

We need new events that scale to players.
I like the idea, but having a Settlement siege during PvP window and having possible raids at holdings would be problematic wouldn't it? So essentially if this was added then each settlement would have to decide to either defend the Settlement or defend a holding, cause likely they wouldn't be able to defend both, right?

Can your a Settlement defend multiple raids on it's holdings?
Likely not given the game's population.

With the Population of Talonguard and Corbenik, I have to prioritise which one(s) get defended when multiple escalation raids happen and I know I'll lose some, but not all.

The same is applied with this idea, you make choices on what gets defended and by how much.
And the reason for the PVP window is to make sure folks are ON and in the game when the event happens.

And if settlements feel they don't want to focus on defending their settlement, then lower they can lower the settlement's Keep to a lower grade to get less waves and have an easier time defending the settlement.
For the Town Siege Event I think it best to be a many part event.

Base idea Map.
The Green circles are Enemy Spawn Points,
The Red Circles are Capture points, and when captured turn into spawning points.

The Mobs move to capture Spawning points in a order based on where they spawned,
The Eastern spawner closest to point 32, goes in capture order of 32, 24, 23,1
The Western spawner closest to point 31, goes in capture order of 31, 23,1
The rest of the spawning points goes in capture order of 28, 23, 1.

To scale the power of the siege event to that settlement's players, it'll use numbers from the Keep (Current upgrade/Max Upgrade) to make it fair.
The Current upgrade of the Keep will help determine how many sets of waves will hit the settlement, (so +0/+X means no waves)
The strength of each wave will be using a something like a loop within a loop for setting strength.
With a boss like monster at the end of each set of waves spawned into one of the 5 spawners (or captured points)
With Max Upgrade of the keep setting the Max strength of the final waves.

Now the path finding on the keep (point 1) will need to be based on the Keep itself, since Keeps +0-+3, have 4 ways in, while Keeps +4-+5 have only one way in.

The Prize for the players are the drops from the event.

The other Prize for fending off the siege should be to the settlement, and dumped into the settlement vault, and it could be a structure kit of a building they would like upgraded, or a prize of enough coin and Bulk goods to cover 4 weeks at the settlement's current consumption.

Failure to hold off the siege results in a loss payment of 4 weeks of bulk goods and coin at settlement's current consumption, and failure to meet the payment will result in some (4 small, 2 small 1 med, or 1 large) building(s) being downgraded (current and max), until it can downgrade the keep, so no bank swapping crap can happen like in raids at the moment.

…, it'd be possible to free up some hexes by adding eligibility requirements for participation, but how appropriate that would be really depends on the exact nature of the contests/rewards, which we still need to do more work on.

Thanks for at least thinking of adding some eligibility requirements for this year's event.
As I don't think dead and shutdown settlements should be given any hexes at all during any contest, as they aren't keeping the game a float with activity and instead making the game seem dying and near dead to new players.
Hear, hear! Time to put some teeth into the world. Escalation harvesting is fun and so, but feels very static and, frankly, inane after a while.

Agreed and these ideas would shake things up a bit.

I do plan on adding a rough draft of the mechanics so that the power of the event is scaled to the settlement and or players…pending on which one is happening…
As I want these events to be fair and open to as many players as possible and not serve just the few PVE elites.
Go with the Muffled shirt, it's the easier one to break the gate with…