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All posts created by Azure_Zero

Thanks for the Update Bob.
So it's Monday, No update or News,
so We'll need to see about tomorrow…..
I'd be interested only in the 8th account….
Well Keeper's Pass does have 36 holdings compared to Talonguard's 16 holdings.
I'm hoping that the new model will allow for character training and payment to be synchronized to a day of the month, so when I unsub one character and resub another character, the resub doesn't kick in until the other is unsubbed.
Congrats, hope you got the resources to keep running everything that high.
Can someone check the settlements in the Test server to make sure they can pay the upkeep.
They likely use the same channel, hence they don't stack, I think there are like 3 or 4 channels for each stat/skill/etc.

It's the same with other; features, armor feats, defense feats, .. etc.
Finished Putting up a +3 Loom and a +4 Weaponsmith.

Hoping to get some more codexes made to get more buildings upgraded.
I hope that you DON'T allow the game to be completely Pay to Win with buying extra XP.
I'd like it if there was a CAP, where one can't exceed what a Day 1 character would have, or you'll have some whale players buying enough EXP to be level 20 in everything right out the door.
What about having the cap be based on the age of the account? Something like max XP purchased per character limited to same amount a subscription would give?
Meaning on 2 day old account (24hrs old) the purchase limit would be 2400 xp, and so on.
This limit would mean that someone could get double the xp if they maxed out and had the character subscribed, but would that be too much?
Maybe a time based purchase limit of only buying a max amount of xp per month? 72k xp per month would then be doubling xp for a subscribed character.

Your feeding the Pay to Win whales with what you said.
No, the Cap should be set at What a perfectly subbed Day 1 account would have at the any moment.
This would stop any Pay to Win whales from getting level 20 in everything, or getting to it twice as fast.