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All posts created by Azure_Zero

TBH with one or two notable exceptions (Tevis' and Greater Holy Light come to mind) the game is flooded with expendables of all tiers and types. Having people handed back copies of every expendable they ever learnt will only exasperate the problem.


And think of losing them as part of the cost, no recouping coin to offset the coin lost in respecting.
That and it makes the potential loss of hard to get expendables also a cost and something to make one re-consider respecting their character.
There is lots of good stuff here and as great a plan as any. I do not see anything about an upgrading of the engine (unless I missed it).

So I am curious if some of these things will create problems, later, that cause much back recoding for the newer engine version's requirements?

I think the upgrade to Unity 5/2019/whatever could be a real horror, I did one in a small hobby project and that was … problematic. Hopefully there has been other large that have done it now and there are some experience to draw on that.

And of Deities I vote for Hanspur of course, he is from the Riverland so he should actually be the only God introduced!

Yeah I can imagine the tip of the iceberg of the work needed for the unity upgrade; materials and shaders I know have been overhauled, and number of features and functions deprecated and replaced, add in that PFO is running a custom version of Unity 4.
You can tell it'll be a hell of a time upgrading things, I figure it would take them a fully-focused year to get the upgrade done.
Just looked over the Raodmap again, and thought I'd put down my thoughts on a number of the items;

Per Character Subscriptions:
This is nice, But how will it interact with DT accounts?

Nice to get a new class, but I hope it won't be the new OP thing that everyone jumps on.

New Escalation/Sequence:
This is a great New Year's tradition, But given the game's current population and number of active settlements, I ask that the number of hexes seeded with the sequence are cut down, as we have not even finished half of what was left from last year, so yeah cut it down to a number equal to say 2 to 2 and a half times the number of active settlements. What'll define 'active settlement' as a definition is that the settlement can't of been shutdown for more then a month for the whole year.

Spreading Escalations:
This is good, in that it'll keep folks busy and tending to their holdings.
Though I ask that if a hex has been infested for say a month, that any holding and it's outposts degrade by one like in a capture, so as to slowly clean out the dead company and settlement claims.

XP Purchases:
I hope this gets a cap so one can't have more exp then a day 1 account and so day 1's can not buy their way into being level 20 in everything the second it's available.

Breaking one of the Kickstarter rules, in that respects were never to be allowed.
But since it's coming, so far it's not a bad, but could be more costly to really make player think about it and that includes wiping the recipes learned.

Expanded Escalations and Additional Elite Escalations:
A nice thing, but we need a completely new type of escalation, one that can sow chaos and put players and settlements on alert with their feet on the ground and a focus to kill it fast.
This new PVE escalation type should be designed to sow chaos to the mundane operations of the game's day to day, as a small band of Zycor's would.
I do have an idea of how to do it along with a number of it's mechanics, but that'll need a whole new thread.

Flag for PvP:
This needs to be done right, and the risk vs reward for PVP need to be big. When I say big I mean that it changes the game completely for the player opting in or out of PVP.
I mean access to; claiming territory, placing holdings, entering low sec hexes, level caps, etc.

While I can say this is a step in the right direction, I think the order is a bit off. But given the game's population it's the better start point.
Also since I'm still here, add in Kurgress to the list of the initial release of deities.
Hopefully the *Flag for PvP* will auto happen once you cross into a monster hex, or a hex someone has claimed and set to Low security…if not, then the game might be more populated by people who want to play a multiplayer version of Kingmaker, but I don't think that is going to make for a game that is actually any more interesting than it is right now.

The goal is to make sure that players can't be attacked by other players unless they've explicitly and knowingly agreed to participate in PvP. Instead of automatically flagging for PvP by taking some other action, which is more of an implicit agreement, we plan to restrict player actions until they explicitly flag for PvP. We haven't picked the exact restrictions yet, but basically you'd get a message stating that you need to flag for PvP first whenever you attempt a restricted action.

And yes, this does mean a fair percentage of players are likely to be completely PvP-averse and will never flag for it. However, those players simply won't play the game at all if they can't do so meaningfully without risking PvP. Think of them as adding to the total population, not as subtracting from the PvP-willing population.

FYI, there's a fairly extensive (and fairly recent) discussion on this topic in the Flag for PvP thread under Crowdforging.

I hope Goblinworks gets the PVP flag states and what each state means right,
as the PVP in this game currently sucks and is TOO in favor of the Non-PVP players.

That game was way more exciting when we had Zycor running around causing chaos, folks were one their feet, playing, and using their social contacts within the game.
If you want that buzz to happen, the PVP gate needs more opening then what it is.
I hope so, or we're gonna need some ghost busters.
The Eternal Balance
Yea it was Chill Touch and Devourer's Caress and it is utterly useless now. You can't afford to use it because by the time chill touch works, you are already beat to hell and then devourers caress doesn't heal you as much.

It would be nice to have it back.

Incorrect. I have seen it used effectively since the nerf on all but the very highest T3 mob escalations.

If that is true then, Yeah, the Nerf should stay AS IS.
The Eternal Balance
Isn't Touch of Darkness a Cleric Orison? Do maybe you mean Devourer's Caress? If so, I have seen it made good use of still for Mage Tanking. As it was, before the nerf, it turned Wizard's into better tanks that fully geared out Unbreakable warriors.

Yeah I remember the Chill Touch and Devourer's Caress combo, it was crazy broken and EVERYONE who was a wizard was using it since they could out tank ANY other class. So I think Chill Touch should stay as is or have that 50% no higher then 65-70%.
Sorry for Necro.

But I think it might be a good idea to revive the Keepside chat, Now I would not expect to it be the Weekly Keepside of the past, but at least once a year or yearly quarter.
The mule ability to either or both of those structures would be great IMO.
Although what about a step further and either allow us to craft a simple mule post structure and/or purchase a mule post that we can set down and use saddlebags where we want?

There was a commitment made at some stage that nothing sold at the cash shop would offer features unavailable in some form elsewhere in game.

Generally speaking that is still the case. You can basically get the benefits of a crafter cottage for example by raising your settlement, there are other ways to get the sort of buffs offered by an adventure cottage etc etc. There are clearly advantages to buying the shop items or they would not sell but they do not offer anything substantial not already available elsewhere in game to some extent.

The simplest way to achieve this goal is make the mule stall a separate shop item that can be attached to any player housing OR player crafted camp.

My personal take:

  • adding mule stalls to freeholds, cottages and camps would be useful and not particularly unbalancing
  • a good option would be a reasonable price paid "addon" with a separate deed you can attach to any player housing whether camp, adventure/crafting cottage or freehold. They should also work with crafted camps. On knocking down the relevant holding both deeds return to inventory.
  • a nice touch would be to have the mule stalls attached to things like freeholds work for all players all the time rather than just the owners party when the owner is logged in (the same way the campfire does).

I think that the Mule stalls on; Holdings, Freeholds and Base camps should have a control system so the owner (or company in the case of holdings) can control Who can mule from the building.
So if a feud/fight happens a enemy can't mine out needed resources from a hex deep in the other's territory and escape with a load of goods on a Mule.
I think someone forgot to update the News in the patcher to include mention of EE17.

Also XP boost does not seem to of activated.