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All posts created by Azure_Zero

The PVP system, needs more thought, especially for those that CHOOSE to opt out of PVP.

For OPTING out of PVP also optional at the company level, where the Company gives it's players PVP immunity (sans low sec hexes), BUT they in-turn CAN NOT control any Holdings as those are Part of the PVP system. The Company can still be feuded, but now there is less reason to do so.

OPTING out of PVP should also have the following restrictions; NO T3 crafting, refining, gathering, gear, and equipment.
They are still vunerable to PVP in LOW security Zones so they can not gather without risk in any good monster hexes.
They Never generate influence, You as a Individual can ONLY change your PVP Flag once a Week toggled on Monday server UP, this is to STOP ANY gaming of the system and force a choice for the week.
Talonguard now has a new Keep up and The Keepers of the High Covenant are thankful to Blackwood glade for helping in it's construction and trade of goods for the help in it's construction.
Yeah the website update is really needed….
Bob, If PVP gets a switch it should come with a MAJOR cavat for those that OP out of the PVP like;
NO support for training above level 10 as ALL feats they own capped as if they were level 10 and No higher levels at all, they are Stuck at most with T2 gear, can only craft T1 and T2 gear, all crafting time is 1 and a half times longer, holdings of NON-PVP companies are also capped at +2, Everything is thrice as expensive if one opts out of PVP, etc.

Now with the above drawbacks, you could set PVP-free as ON for default, but once switched OFF, it is stuck at OFF.

If that PVP switch comes in without a real drawback or set of drawbacks you'll lose a chunk of the currently loyal player base.
Talonguard Has 5000 Units of Bulk Up for Sale;

All 1s a piece except for the Bulk put up at 75c a piece.
We wanted a to put in a Pool, but the rivers are dry.
Would be easier if our AH was stocked with raw mats, spells, manuvers, and recipes.
I do still have bulk for sale in Talonguard.
The New +3 Lab is Up and running.
Stilachio Thrax
I hate running long distances in game, so some sort of auto-travel is something I'd like to see. It could simply be an auto-run on roads function, but we are supposed to be in a world full of magical wonders, I don't see why having some sort of teleportation service linking settlements to NPC and Allied settlements is that big a problem, especially if it is a big gold sink and doesn't let you take any non-[INV] in your inventory bags. Current population makes force projection worries moot anyway.

However, I'd rather have horses, and skills/classes to take advantage of them. You could still be attacked by bandits, but cover more ground faster (especially if you sticked to roads). And before that, I still want the rest of the Core Rulebook in game (classes, races, weapon types in particular).

To make Teleporting a Meaningful choice and proper coin sink and not be broken for force projection, it would need to be at least 10 platinium per hex bypassed, per character and with harsh restrictions including, but not limited to;
* That they CAN NOT have anything in their inventory at ALL and CAN NOT have ANY T3 gear currently equipped.
* They can only use it ONCE per month per account.
* Can only teleport to Home Settlement from an NPC settlement.
* Must control a series of hexes connecting to the NPC settlement (similar to the supply line rules in current settlement siege rules but each hex has to be adjacently owned, shield or pass hex)
* The Settlement Must pay a Teleport UpKeep Tax each week to each NPC settlement it connects, with the Tax for each one NPC settlement equal to the Settlement's Upkeep. (So; connected to 1 NPC is 2X Upkeep, Connected to 3 NPC is 4x Upkeep)
Yeah, Cash is Short,

Can't really do another Kickstarter, since we already did two of them…..