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All posts created by Azure_Zero

On specific opinions about future major direction/projects:

My feeling is that you already have a really great base game. You Just need to polish it up a bit. You have substantial Pillars for interest and thus success. You just need to infuse more variety and exciting play possibility into each.

Gathering, crafting, selling, buying. The elements are there already. The system/play for crafting and acquiring skills/materials is here. As a gatherer I can't keep items on the AH. I am just one guy. The economy works. Hard-work/careful-pricing pays off with profit.

This is a hard one because a map can only be so large before it gets ridiculous. Exploration is well served by searching for Gushers, location of Enchant or other raw materials, "other" player holdings/defenses, escalations.

Escalations, how they are supposed to work, are almost unique in MMORPG's currently out. You have a base system for creating quests.

All of the motivations and ability to engage in both random and reasoned PVP are in the game already. All the tools for alliances/enmity relationships are EXISTING NOW.

The POLITICAL META was there already before the game even started serious coding. It was very vibrant and exiting. Azoth and the limited (still just a baby so far) cash shop has great potential. Excellent community and customer service (best I've seen) are here.

I'm only listing the positives of the above because they are more to my point that there IS A GAME HERE and the point isn't about how much work needs be done on any one of them.
What is Holding You Back Now?

Only cash. Priority ONE. What I mean is that you need to figure out how to generate some serious cash in-flow. You need to focus on reasons for more players to try the game and ways to "hook"/motivate them to stay. What could you do with one more person that could illustrate/animate creatures and outfits, fix bugs or code features from scratch?

Things like:
lower premium or more character "bang for the buck"
player incentives through play rewards or actual cash rewards of some type
alternate ways to earn more xp faster

In this I mean low work(for you)/increased player motivations. I also mean that those "Pillars" need work but that isn't timewise-realistic without funding. Don't lose out on your many unique takes on things already implemented because you can't show them to the world in time to beat the rest of your competitors.

While I agree that most of the items are IN game, I can tell that a NUMBER of them are not currently setup in a meaningful way.

The AH needs a tweak, and should instead of defaulting to 1s 20c for everything, it should instead put in a suggested price for each individual item. As we have items in the TK AH that are WAY over priced for new players.
(40s for T1 +0 armour, that is T2 pricing, T1 armour should be under 10s or under 20s for the higher T1 armours)
With the suggested pricing it will help new merchants know about what they can charge and be reasonable.
The auction house should also list the Suggested price with the bids.

Nice that they weaken to give a break for raids and real works, but folks will ignore the weaker escalations and let them sit there and maybe farm them for influence.
Maybe we should have the T1 and maybe the Lower T2 escalations working as they were in the low single digit Early Enrollment Days, where they gain power and infect hexes and maybe even shutting down a holding or the ability to do gushers in the hex if they are not dealt with if the infection in hex is over 75%.

This One need a MAJOR re-adjustment as it IS NOT PROFITABLE for Attackers and Defenders can easily think of not doing a thing to defend the holdings.
This needs a few things to make it really work;

ONE; (this one NEEDS to be done) Pending and Active Feuds LOCK UP the Holding Vault so nothing can be withdrawn until the feud is gone or cancelled. This is to prevent the Swapping of Bulk to Company or Personal Vaults during the feud and or while it is Pending.
This could be as simple as the fued event sending a TCP/IP message to the master server, which sends a TCP/IP message to every map server that the fueded company controls to Lock the holding vaults. The same system for locking can be used for unlocking.

TWO; The Percentage of Holding vault items from a Raid should be Increased from 5% to 30% and the day's production, this is so that a raid is profitable and that 3 straight days of raiding one holding would be 90% of what was in it,
With Point ONE it gives REAL incentive to defend against the raid, instead of ignoring the raid.

THREE; Capture of a holding does not give what was in the Holding, and instead puts it in another dimension.
If we change it so that ALL items are transferred, it'll make defenders what to protect the holding as the ones capturing it would not only get the hex but also get everything in it.
Now there is another reason for this and it is Database clean up, as we have a number of dead companies, dead holdings, and items in the other dimension.
We have items sitting in a database where no one can access it, with this it means we can clean up a hex's database making it run faster as groups fight for territory.
Talonguard finished putting up it's +3 AH this past Thurday.

Currently we are finishing up a new +3 Lab.
Talonguard's AH has Bulk resources for sale near a 1 silver a piece.

Edit: the Bulk Ore is All sold out.
Seems maps servers aren't back up yet….

Edit: They are back up
Any update on what the PFO Roadmap of this year will be put up?
How about this, move the crafting of Codices to the Library building (Keep everything else the same. Skill, level mats etc).

Why not have The "Current" Codex crafting buildings AND the Library for codex crafting, as some settlements don't have a library and might not be in a area suitable for a Library Holding to be put up.

I now have all the Codexes that survived (73) in Talonguard and I have a minion stationed there. Anytime you see me on, we can conclude the trade.

smile Maker

I generally pop in game for a time between 8 and 9 PM eastern time.
You can find me in game for most of the afternoon on Sunday…
Nice to hear GW is looking over the Unity Upgrade.

Hopefully after the upgrade it is more Linux friendly
And I got most of the Holdings and Outposts I needed. Look in Maker's General Store to see what I need beside Victory Markers, but I really need Victory Markers.

smile Maker

I Got most of those recipes (mainly T2 recipes) still in stock in Talonguard.
I was asked what Codexes I have.

This is down a little because I was taking them all to Talonguard, got jumped and the screen froze, so I died a bit.

And, as I just intimated, these are all in my Vault in Talonguard at the moment.


smile Maker

Ouch, yeah, all the buildings of Talonguard loading can cause quite the lag at times even for a reasonable system….