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@ Bob
Can't both things be done? You would be giving existing players the ability to cut down on useless (at this time) chore/resource drain obligations. You would still be providing opportunity for new groups to have a chance at a settlement not entangled in political/military confrontation against 3+ year veteran players. You might have some left at OE for a nice promotion to hype PfO II.

One of the problems that I see with building from scratch, say starting today (i.e. using idle city tiles) is the massive work it entails and the tempting targets that young characters are for massively powerful older character groups. It will be a big letdown to join and find your options to get "situated" are either/only to join a group or work for two years (possible exaggeration, or not).

Or/Additionally you could explore improving Holdings a bit so that Independent Holdings could provide more level support for groups that want "Mini Castles".

Since we are really still deep into a game development stage, what about encouraging an experiment by challenging a group to form and TRY to build a settlement from scratch. See how it goes for brand new characters from the VERY START? Then we could REALLY SEE if it is balanceable on the intended fun/work scale.

I agree, if a company not attached to a player settlement puts up holdings, they should have a higher support level which would be based on the Average active upgrades of all the company's holdings.
I do agree the Lore paper notes should go into another tab or sub-tab.
Stilachio Thrax
I'll add my 2 cents- you should only have to talk to a quest giver once- then you have the full quest and can complete it without having to run back and forth a bunch on times after picking up a super small sample of doodads. In a perfect world, your highest class could possibly affect the quest. A good cleric shouldn't have to check in with a NPC cleric in order to bless graves, and any rogue worth his salt doesn't need a goblin's help to poison pickles.

I love that idea….
Additional Note:

escalations quests with multiple parts should have a ratio system with a priority spawn system
Using Twisted Earth from Natures Wrath with a good ratio that'll fix it from being so annoying that people just ignore it;
So for every 2 Ritual fires, their should be a min of 3 clerics, and 4 Malberries.
Some of these escalation quests are a REAL pain to do, and a tweak to the quest spawning system should be looked at.

Quest critical NPCs (givers and returners) should be Force spawned first all the time, at least two of them, and at proper spacing, and by proper spacing I mean at least a quarter of the hex apart with maybe one always spawned next to the shrine for easy finding should they not spawn due to error.

I put this up as I am doing Nature's wrath "Bite the Hand that Feeds" quest and NO farmers spawned at ALL, I went all over the hex and none were found. I've notices this almost happening a few times during the escalation of escalation event.
What is the current rankings?
Just bought out most of the T1 mats that were just put up.
Talonguard is looking more for Raw and Refined mats then finished goods at the moment.
That and Recipes, spells, and maneuvers.
Thanks Lisa

And we thank you for keeping PFO alive.