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All posts created by Azure_Zero

You are a Troll
No second queue. Get someone else to play the game with you instead. Add a second xp training slot to ALL accounts for the $15 per month so you can have another crafter (or one crafter and one combat toon) but do not make the already uber powerful T3 armorsmiths able to also churn out T3 weapons at the same time. This is suppose to be a game where everyone contributes to their Company's and Settlement's success together, not a game where one player can do everything. It is simply the horrendously low population right now that is driving a lot of these arguments for design changes. Resist the pull of the Dark Side Bob! T3 Armor is supposed to be rare!!!

I think variants of Freeholds and Camps would be a good start point.

Another could be an Item that acts as a Bomb that forcefully closes down and shuts down any Freeholds and Camps in the hex sending them to the closest NPC town Vault.
Great for purging out freeholdings (and it's variants) in hexes you don't control.
Weclome to PFO, Abdron.

The nation of Keepers of the High Covenant
is small, and is active with the Aragon's Nation.
Don't really have any rules other then; Have Fun, and Don't Attack Folks.

Both My settlements (Talonguard and Corbenik) are meant for newcomers.
Each town offers something different; Crafting and a Auction House at Talonguard, and Combat training and basic gear crafting at Corbenik.
You can chat with Me or other Aragon members in the PFO Discord channel, Currently using the Aragon Guest channel to Keep our two nations.
Can we get enchantments to use Tokens as an ingredient for them, as that would help in emptying the T1 token reserves everyone has….
If you need a tester I don't mind being one.
I just need a FPS counter in the game to see performance and manually note problems for compatibility.

Any change along these lines would definitely be available on Zog for quite a while so everyone could see how it would affect them, and I believe everyone can view FPS using the chat command /ToggleFps.

Should add that command to the Manual for PFO.

Nice to know that Zog could be used as a test bed for compatibility when switching the Rendering core.
Could even make an option for Windows users to Switch rendering cores, though I'd recommend then setting OpenGL as the default rendering core for the windows version.

Having the toggle command already there is great, though we should have a page listing Every console command….
Congrats, Malmooch.
Welcome to PFO

As Edam said, if you have questions just post them in general chat, or in the forums.
I think it is a combo of both, yes it'll be easier to take a settlement (especially abandoned ones), but to keep it will be a Big chore to do.
And given How much folks hate to do chores in game along with the cost of building and upgrading a settlement I think those currently in a settlement might just stick with doing the minor chores of helping out then take on the chores of keeping, maintaining, and building up a settlement.

So Groups with more then one settlement might lose a few of them, due to the rules.

I currently run two of them and I don't mind doing the boring chores of running them (though I might be screaming a bit later when the upkeep cost go really high)..
The only thing I want from those in my settlements is that as that they pitch in some influence, some coin for Upkeep (mainly from tax), and some stuff to help upgrade the buildings from time to time, Obey the nation's few rules, and nothing more.
Harad Navar
In the Unofficial PFO Atlas, go to Useful Locations in Game and turn off everything but Achievement to see them more clearly. I know that the Atlas has not been updated in a while, but I am going to every hex to revise the player structures and settlement buildings (close to 2/3 done). But after 2 or so hours I hit the Wall of Numbness.

If you've gone through Talonguard and Corbenik already, I should tell you they've had some upgrades, mostly Talonguard, Corbenik only had one.
Yeah, settlement achievements are no longer available to get since the settlement change around EE 10.0 I believe.