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All posts created by Azure_Zero

Don't forget that an EBA member was also Banned for also doing the same thing as Takasi…..

The EBA was long gone at the time of the bans. Did you mean some other organization?

I still call that area the EBA even though it fractured and dissolved.
I, for one, agree that we have no concrete evidence and can't for certain say that it was HRC that was strip mining. I move that we do not consider that an offense attributable at this time to them. It is unfortunate that the only way to really prove it is to stealth around and catch someone in the act of harvesting, or kill them and see what's on their husk.

However, I will note that after Takasi was banned the problem went away, which either means it was him, someone using one of his characters that got banned, or someone that wanted us to think it was him. Whether such actions had the knowledge or approval of the rest of the organization is of course unknown.

Don't forget that an EBA member was also Banned for also doing the same thing as Takasi…..
Current HRC settlements are (In alphabetic order):
Caer Coedwig (shared administration)
High Road
Veggr Tor
When has any info on the investor or newcorp been on time and is always late.

I'm saying late July from a gut feeling..
Father Bronin
Hey Lisa. It is almost June 1st. Can you throw us a bone yet?

I don't think we'll hear anything until about late July.
IF F2P is an option to be decided on it should be VERY limiting;
as in they can ONLY get level 6 support(same as Rotters Hole),
can not join a settlement or company,
can not go more then 6 hexes from ThornKeep

This will stop the crafter storm since none can get higher then T1
Some features got another stat a new stat and the others took a hit to balance it.
Duffy Swiftshadow

Your also implying that the extra crafting advantage should cost money while complaining about focusing power into the hands of the few which is already happening via owning multiple accounts, which is something that can only be done by a limited few.

No that Extra queue will just MULTIPLY, you heard that right MULTIPLY the power of the few who already have multiple characters, so instead of giving power to the weak you just Gave loads of power to the few
Duffy Swiftshadow
The 16+ crafting characters that never left Canis or interacted with anyone disagree.

They may never of left Canis, but they RELY ON EACH OTHER to get stuff done, THAT IS INTERACTION.

Yup. It just takes money or more new players. Why would you think that people won't be/aren't doing those things right now AND will continue it when they have 2 or 3 queues.

That is so true, it is NOT Funny.