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All posts created by Azure_Zero

I guess someone bought the mule bags that were there…..

Just put up two more small mule saddlebags.

Edit: also gonna be needing some mats for making more of them…..
Cool! missed the bulk this morning, as i plan to get my own holding down the line i may start to bulk up some so i have a buffer.

Thanks, I figured since most groups are holding on to and needing bulk I might as well sell some excess.
I split the 1000 bulk into 10 group 100 units so even a since character could transport the bulk without the need of a Mule.

Edit: Seems all the Stone and Ore have sold out already
Talonguards AH been actively used for the past few days,
I've bought stuff, and Have Put stuff up ranging from base mats, refined goods, and finished product.
But I've added something else as well

As Talonguard produces way more bulk then is needed, but needs more coin as most of Talonguard is full of casual crafting players and can't really go after the T2+ and higher escalations to get coin.
So I've put up 1000 units of various Bulk goods for the High end or any other settlements to Buy to keep their settlements running.
Our taxes are Low across the board so buying and muleing the goods out will be cheap.
Feuds need to Lock up the holdings to stop transfer hi-jinks
Raids need that Rep hit before server down issue fixed.
Capturing needs to transfer the Goods.
Raids, Capture, and the feud system Need a Lot of fixing in various areas.
I've bought some stuff in the Talonguard AH.

It should help in building things up.
All this talk of coin sinks and meanwhile the Nuhr Athemon escalations are dropping between 10 and 30 silver per person per escalation.

Don't assume Everyone is doing escalations.
Crafters and refiners rarely leave the settlement.

IF you want a good coin sink and Tax, raise the Cost of Settlement support, it'll really tax the rich.
I've started going through the settlement Taxes,

Training is just what the settlement sets.
The Auction house does have an additional +5% which I didn't know about as it is NOT mentioned in the Tax option form.
It should be as is Seen, so folks setting the taxes can see the taxes as is and if asked can give a correct answer.
Bob can you give out the Tax Equations so I can confirm the Tax Rates of Talonguard, as I don't think their is a base 5% tax, just the Rate of WHAT is set in the setting.

Also can you print out into the OP the Current Tax rates of NPC settlements?
I personally hate the 5% sales tax minimum (coin sink) due to the fact that it encourages us all to do individual trades outside of the AHs. However if the 5% remains in NPC AHs, then each Settlement really gets to set a range of 0-5% instead of the 0-10% due to competition with NPC AHs.

Actually I believe NPC Auction Houses and Taxes are Higher then 10%
To encourage PC settlement Auction Houses and facilities.