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If you need Bulk resources, you can buy or trade bulk from a Keepers of the High Covenant settlement.
Thanks. I don't. Just sick of having to move them so far.

I know what you mean, it is a pain to move them around.
It's one reason why I go for the self-sufficient holding-outpost combinations when I can,
and suck it up when I have to supply external bulk to the Holdings that require it.
That and the mule runs for it all takes hours to do, to the point where I reserve a day for complete bulk resource moving.
If you need Bulk resources, you can buy or trade bulk from a Keepers of the High Covenant settlement.
If XP Re-dos are for new players I can somewhat see your point
Though XP Re-dos if or when they come in they should be Restricted to the first 7 days after the character is made, whether they gain XP or not during that time.
Stilachio Thrax
I've been thinking about this for awhile now, and I don't think XP resets should be added. The potential abuse and catering to power gaming seem to be too big a red flag. If it were implemented, it would have to wipe the slate clean- every achievement, gate, expendable learned, recipe learned gone for good.

As far as adding in active XP, I could support that if, and only if, it were hyper specific in how it could be used. Kills gained with a focus would grant active XP for foci only- meaning it can only be used when purchasing focus related feats. No shooting things with a shortbow to gain fast XP to let you get another feat for your focus.

Glad your seeing the tip of the iceberg of the problem XP resets could bring.

Looks like we are on a similar page on making achievements give special XP and it goes in a sub-type of XP.
I agree really specific would be best, but feel that would add too much work and data to manage and not give some flexibility for players who play the class as the class on the whole.
I have to agree with Smitty's points here.

And the active XP would not be to bad though, I'd recommend that it not enter the general XP pool and instead be put in a special XP pool
I'm think more along the lines of Fable 1 where you had General XP, and 3 XP sub-types.
The XP in the subtypes could only be spent on feature/skills that were of the same sub-type, while general XP could be used to buy anything when you ran out of XP of the subtype.

Each weapon group/attack could belong to a XP sub-type, so focus kills give Divine XP, Shortbow and Light Blades give Subterfuge XP, Heavy Blades and Longbows give Assault XP.

For Gathering, Refining, and End-Product Crafting they should each have their own special XP pool, but given that every refiner is also a End-Product Crafter it might be better that all (Gathering, Refining, and End-Product Crafting) is in the Production XP pool.
Anyone know where the link to the Wiki is?
As I want to plan a few things out and want to see if the new holding could help with some of those plans.

Might also help those that look for it later if it was stickyed in an appropriate forum so as to be found later.
Those sound like good ideas
Resetting the achievement Gates is Not enough, as that WILL be abused for influence generation if that is the case.
Recall the 1000 point alts being made then deleted for easy influence production in the early start of influence in the game it was exploited to Heck by a Large Number of people and or groups.
If they go the reset gate route then they'll need to forcefully set the influence gain to the slowest to hinder the thought of abusing the influence system with respecs.
Edam hits a number of points on the head and that is JUST the tip of the iceberg of the damage/cheats/exploits/Problems that Allowing Respecs in the will bring.

As adding respecs will bring Unforeseen Consequences to the game, and I don't think anyone involved can or will be prepared for the Consequences that it'll bring.
One of these Consequences could be lead to the Final Nail in the coffin for the game and it dies with no chance of recovery.
Remember some ideas seem great and look to lead to prosperity, but are the worst ideas and lead to ruin.
I get that you want to give the game some extra cash, but allowing respecs is a can of worms that is bigger then folks think and it'll get worse with a even bigger game population, that is my 2 cents.