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The How to make PFO feel like PFO thread mentioned factions again and It got me thinking about it some more.

It would be nice to see settlements not just defined by the buildings they have but what role in the game they intend to be.
Looking at Kingmaker, the bandits HAD camps out in the woods, so did the Lumber Consortium in Falcon's Hollow.
You have a number of settlements with different roles found in the APs, modules, and novels.

I can say Settlements themselves need more defined roles and type of settlement set at the settlement level.
(Each settlement type should have requirements such that NO nation can have them all.)
And the Settlement can ONLY be one type and shouldn't be changed unless captured by a new company.

Each settlement type faction (for now call them; Bandit, Warlord, Merchant, Guard, Builders, Light Shield, Dark Sword) should have special items/holdings/outposts that ONLY they can make and use, special faction functions, and Settlement Building Requirements.

Bandits are thieves
Warlords are the invading horde
Merchants are the crafters and traders
Guards are the defenders
Builders are just craftsmen
Light Shields are the smite evil and protector
Dark Swords are the smite good and bring destruction.


Requirements for Each:

Non-lawful, complete Rogue training, And No Light Shield roles in Nation.

Non-good, Non-lawful, complete Rogue and Fighter training, And No Light Shield and Guard Roles in Nation.

Auction house, Expert and Freeholder training, ALL crafting and refining.

Non-evil, complete Fighter or Cleric training, And No Dark Sword or Warlord Roles in Nation.

Expert and Freeholder training, ALL crafting and refining, And No Dark Sword Roles in Nation.

Light Shield:
Any good or lawful, complete Cleric training and two other complete class training, And No Dark Sword, Warlords, or Bandits roles in Nation.

Dark Sword:
Any evil or chaotic, complete Rogue training and two other complete class training, And No Light Shield, Builder, or Guard roles in Nation.


Special Items/Holdings/Outposts for Each:

Bandit Camp (Like Camp, but lasts 1 week and LOCKS the hexes holding's holding vault so NOTHING can be withdrawn and DUMPS any other Bulk in the other vaults of the holding to the Holding Vault, and Raided goods are a full third of what is in it).
Bandit Hideout (Special Holding, can be placed IN ANY ruin or monster hex, no or little bulk needed.)

Warlord Camp (Like Camp, but lasts 1 week and forces Hex security to Low, though it's still has the original security setting's cost)
Warlord Recon Holding (Special Holding, can be placed IN ANY ruin or monster hex, bulk required, and either breaks PVP protection on adjacent hexes or lowers the security in adjacent hexes)

Merchant's Mule (Like medium Mule, but MUCH cheaper to make (a few T1 refined goods), more encumbrace, lasts longer, and moves faster)
Merchant's Holding (Special Holding, Auction house that can access the Settlement's Auction house, but Only up to two hexes away from settlement.)

Guard Camp (Like Camp, but lasts 3 days and forces Hex security to High, though it's still has the original security setting's cost)
Guard Outpost (Special Outpost, Reduces Effects or negates bandit, Warlord, and Darksword Camps, generates multiple resources, but only a little, and only one per hex)

Builder's Camp (Like Camp, but lasts 3 days and increases bulk production by adding an additional 50%)
Builder's Outpost (Special Holding, generates multiple resources, but only a little more then a Guard's outpost, and only one per hex)

Light Shield:
Light Shield Camp (Like Camp, but lasts 7 days, Forces the PVP of the hex open, but only for; Dark Sword, Warlords, or Bandits settlements)
Light Shield Holding (Special Holding, Reduces Effects or negates bandit, Warlord, and Darksword Camps and Warlord Recon holdings)

Dark Sword:
Dark Sword Camp (Like Camp, but lasts 4 days, Forces the PVP of the hex open of ANY settlement)
Dark Sword Holding (Special Holding, Enhances the Effects of bandit, Warlord, and Darksword Camps and Warloard Recon holdings in adjacent hexes)

Special Functions for Each (one passive + one alternate type of feud and or feud perk):
Passives apply to EVERY settlement member.

Take a Peek: Can view any Holdings's Holding vault during it's PVP window.
Bandit Feud: As feuds, but ALL the feuded's holding vaults are Locked Up and can not be withdrawn from during the Feud.

Plunder: You can loot a husk completely in the first go, gain influence when raiding.
Ambush Feud: As feuds, but feud takes 10 minutes to start, 1 day wait for capture, raids give 33% from all Vaults of the holding.

Payment Loop holes: Settlement automatically pays half it's coin costs for upkeep and all taxes it's members pay is halved at every settlement, and can't be blocked from Banking at any settlement (doesn't apply to holdings).
Economic Feud: As feud, but now the settlement of the fued has it's taxes doubled, and settlement upkeep for the settlement is an extra 10% for every 20 hours it was fueded.

Guard Duty: All Fighter and Cleric training base coin costs are 0 for settlement members (they still pay the normal settlement tax), and weapons and armour crafting facilities craft 10% faster.
On Guard: each character counts as two characters in defending a holding from capture during a fued or monster raid, and when you go for a capture; the limit cap is 20 characters, not 15 characters.)

Factory Town: All crafting facilities craft 10% faster and have a 5% bonus to craft higher +x items.
Builder's Feud: Any Holding you capture, the holding and outposts DO NOT degrade during transfer of ownership, and your holdings during raids (monster or feud) or capture your holdings the limit cap is 10 characters, not 15 characters.

Light Shield:
Light Shield: All members gain a defensive boost against evil and or chaotic mobs and players.
Light Feud: Fueding a Dark Sword, Warlord, or Bandit settlement company is half the influence cost, but Double for the others, and your holdings have the capture the limit cap of 10 characters, not 15 characters and your characters count as two character to stop a capture.

Dark Sword:
Dark Sword: All members gain a offensive boost against good and or lawful mobs and players.
Dark Feud: Feuding a Light Shield, Builder, Merchant or Guard settlement company is half the influence cost, but Double for the others, and when you go capturing the character limit is 20 and each character counts as two characters.


If two feuding groups both have opposing feud perks that alter the capture character limit (i.e. 20 and 10) it goes back to 15.
All Special Holdings and Outposts get automatically destroyed when captured, and can't be raided
I agree that the alignment should go in, and that MORE Deities should be included in the List like; Kurgress.

That and faction specific items, camps, holdings and Outposts that CAN ONLY be made and used by members of that faction.
A New Engine doesn't make a great game.
Look at Ion Maiden that released into Early access on Steam this year in 2018,
it's using the Old Build Engine, although a upgraded version of it,
And it was and is selling well.

I can understand the wanting of new content and it to be more like the Tabletop Pathfinder we love,
But this is NOT tabletop pathfinder, it's Fantasy EVE Online….
It'll take longer then you think to port from one version to the other,
I learn that lesson when I ported a OpenGL project to DirectX.

Porting is NEVER quick and easy when using a modified engine, Heck we have the Historic example of Duke Nukem Forever as an example of that.
Since I've worked some with the previous Unity versions (4.x -> 2017.3), I can say there would be quite an upgrade in functions and tools.
That and the workflow is a bit better.

Though I do recall when Unity 5 came out I asked Ryan if they would upgrade and he said no since they made the features themselves that were included in Unity 5 that were not in Unity 4, including updating parts of the rendering pipeline.

Now I do kinda hope they do upgrade it to get more features and performance,
but at the same time I don't want the Duke Nukem Forever engine switching to happen eating; time, cash development, bug fixing etc.
Well All the Systems are not in yet.

Once alignments and deities are put in along with their restrictions, the Star Slinger rogue would need to be; NG,CG,or CN, follow Desna, be attached to a settlement that accepts that alignment and access to a settlement(s) that will allow them to get all that needed training.

That'll start limiting things since once those systems go in and they DON'T meet the alignment and or Deity requirements they'll loose access to the star slinger. Just like how Channel Positive and Channel Negative will be alignment locked as well.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Would it be feasible to decrease the range and/or give star slinger a cooldown?

I would agree those nerfs would lead to a reasonable balance.
Adding Ammo would nerf it to a useless and Ultra-expensive attack to use no one would want it.
It is already an expensive Attack EXP wise, why tax it with ammo.
Heck Wizards have Ammo-less ranged attacks as well.

If star slinger gets nerfed with ammo, I'll be betting that Ammo-less wizard attacks will be the star slinger for the rogues, and this time they can choose a variety of elements and have more attacks.
Welcome Torrith to the game.
Since we are a small nation with few folks and the need to get the game's economy running again.

With so few in the nation it'll be hard to make the coin payments at the current levels easily.
So to help pay the coin cost we'll be selling some of our excess bulk resources through the Talonguard auction house.
Provided you've not blacklisted me, causing me to blacklist you.

We'll also be looking to Trade bulk resources for other Bulk resources in a one to one ratio, we are willing to trade; Wood, Food, Iron, and or Stone for Trade Goods.

We are also in need of settlement building recipes and be willing to trade the recipes for Bulk goods, or buy some with coin if we have enough.
Bulk to recipe will be 50~100 Bulk per settlement building recipe (pending recipe) that we are missing.

We'll only be trading or selling a limited amount of each bulk resource per week; so first come, first served.

Thursdays will likely be the best day to do the Trade without making an appointment provided you hop in the discord to let me know you want to sell, or trade for and with.
Folks can book times on Weekends with the High Covenant leaders for trades via; speaking in discord or posting here.
We Currently have;
Guardpost, Religous Statue.
Greetings to one and all

As Settlement owner of Talonguard and Corbenik,
I've decided to change Talonguard from the Commonwealth to the Nation of Keepers of the High Covenant

Note that Talonguard and Corbenik will be basically a New nation, Keepers of the High Covenant, Allied with the Nation of Kalthapas.
Keepers of the High Covenant will be neutral to all other; nations, kingdoms and alliances unless they are hostile towards us.

Keepers of the High Covenant will never start hostile actions, though will be hostile if hostile actions are Used specifically against any Keepers of the High Covenant settlements, territory, and or citizens.

Keepers of the High Covenant will only help with defense of Kalthapas settlements and territory, but that is it.
Unless of course hostile actions have targeted Keepers of the High Covenant settlements, territory, or citizens outside of defending allies, then we will be hostile.

The Rules of how welcome you are, are really simple.
Blacklist me, I'll Blacklist you. (or incase of whitelists, not including the settlement(s))
Raid Me, I'll Raid you.
Take my territory, I'll take yours.
Break my stuff, I'll break your stuff.

Which is basically, what you do to any Keepers of the High Covenant settlements, They will in turn do to you.

I have No plans on going above +3 settlements as the territory needs would be too much to manage for two settlements controlled by so few.

Now Keepers of the High Covenant can Trade bulk resources for other bulk resources one for one (though blacklisted settlements will be paying a tax), and will require arrangement via Discord.