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All posts created by Azure_Zero

Welcome Torrith to the game.
Since we are a small nation with few folks and the need to get the game's economy running again.

With so few in the nation it'll be hard to make the coin payments at the current levels easily.
So to help pay the coin cost we'll be selling some of our excess bulk resources through the Talonguard auction house.
Provided you've not blacklisted me, causing me to blacklist you.

We'll also be looking to Trade bulk resources for other Bulk resources in a one to one ratio, we are willing to trade; Wood, Food, Iron, and or Stone for Trade Goods.

We are also in need of settlement building recipes and be willing to trade the recipes for Bulk goods, or buy some with coin if we have enough.
Bulk to recipe will be 50~100 Bulk per settlement building recipe (pending recipe) that we are missing.

We'll only be trading or selling a limited amount of each bulk resource per week; so first come, first served.

Thursdays will likely be the best day to do the Trade without making an appointment provided you hop in the discord to let me know you want to sell, or trade for and with.
Folks can book times on Weekends with the High Covenant leaders for trades via; speaking in discord or posting here.
We Currently have;
Guardpost, Religous Statue.
Greetings to one and all

As Settlement owner of Talonguard and Corbenik,
I've decided to change Talonguard from the Commonwealth to the Nation of Keepers of the High Covenant

Note that Talonguard and Corbenik will be basically a New nation, Keepers of the High Covenant, Allied with the Nation of Kalthapas.
Keepers of the High Covenant will be neutral to all other; nations, kingdoms and alliances unless they are hostile towards us.

Keepers of the High Covenant will never start hostile actions, though will be hostile if hostile actions are Used specifically against any Keepers of the High Covenant settlements, territory, and or citizens.

Keepers of the High Covenant will only help with defense of Kalthapas settlements and territory, but that is it.
Unless of course hostile actions have targeted Keepers of the High Covenant settlements, territory, or citizens outside of defending allies, then we will be hostile.

The Rules of how welcome you are, are really simple.
Blacklist me, I'll Blacklist you. (or incase of whitelists, not including the settlement(s))
Raid Me, I'll Raid you.
Take my territory, I'll take yours.
Break my stuff, I'll break your stuff.

Which is basically, what you do to any Keepers of the High Covenant settlements, They will in turn do to you.

I have No plans on going above +3 settlements as the territory needs would be too much to manage for two settlements controlled by so few.

Now Keepers of the High Covenant can Trade bulk resources for other bulk resources one for one (though blacklisted settlements will be paying a tax), and will require arrangement via Discord.
Thanks Bob for looking into this,

Crunching the number for Option 1 that I put up using +0 as example
upping to 37.5%, in a forest would be 12 units
upping to 50%, in a forest would be 17 units
As the topic says Trade Outposts need tweaks the BEST you could hope for is 7 Trade Goods in best hex which is Forest.
I could put up a Hunting outpost in the forest and Get 7 trade and 7 food, While in the plains I could get 11 trade and 3 food.
So Why would I want to put up a Trade outpost when there are Much Better options.
The problem is that Wood and Ore are exclusive hex ratings just as is Herds and Game are exclusive hex ratings.
So the Best rating is a quarter (5 units at +0 outpost), with the next ones being less then that and you end up never going past 10 units for +0 in a perfect forest hex

So this outpost needs some real tweaks before anyone even thinks of using it.

There are really only Two options;
1st: increase the Current percentages from 25% to 37.5%->50%
2nd: include EVERY hex rating and they are ALL raised from 25% to 33%

The first Option should be very easy to do as it'll only be a update to the current values of the Trade outpost.
If it's devil fever or demon flu, better ask for Iomedae for the job of removing it.
I would rather see security cost coin. It would be paid by the taxes collected in that location. After all, isn’t that how it works in real life? I don’t know many security guards who work for a loaf of bread and a cord of wood…well unless we’re talking about some third world country.

Point being, security should be paid a wage. Wages come from taxes. If you have a tax deficit, you have to make up the short fall with a coin deposit to that holding bank. No different than making up a bulk resource shortfall to make sure your holdings don’t go belly up.

I agree coin is Not a great cost for Security, that and it is an easy scape goat.
Security should cost something that has meaning.

I'd rather it be something else, Like having say;
High Security reduces Outpost Bulk Production by 10%
Medium Security Has not impact on Outpost Bulk Production
Low Security increases Outpost Bulk Production by 10%

This way you can choose to secure your high value hexes, and make the poorest hexes somewhat usable even if it is a poorly secure area.
While I can agree that global browsing should be put in, But I do not believe remote buying should be in.
As I believe you should still need to Go that the Original AH that the goods were put up in to buy them, as blacklisting and denying other settlements access to your AH is something you forgot about.
And being able to buy goods in say TK and then a few moments later relisting them in Talonguard for pick up, it's teleporting Goods from one side of the map to the other bypassing a lot of bandit territory.
Surprised you didn't include taxing the Power gained at Inn holdings.
I can agree that it is problematic for a settlement to have no Auction House when trying to sell things,

But I thought of something else, you could have a New building (or buildings), called the Black Market that functions as an Auction House for selling stuff, but is way more limited in what can be put up.
The basic Black Market idea is that folks can only put up; raw, salvaged and maybe some T1 items.
Though if it were a series of buildings they would be like the temples in that each one is specialized.
Black Market(Mats) would cover; Raw and Salvaged Mats, T1 Gear (up to +3), and Salvaged Ammo and tokens
Black Market(Refined) would cover; Refined Items and consumables (T1 and T2 only, up to +3)
Black Market(Products) would cover; End Products (gear) (T1 and T2 Only, up to +3)