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All posts created by Azure_Zero

OK Bob, These videos mostly compare PFO vs PSO2, so I kinda nicknamed them PVP videos.

Sorry, My first two videos are really rough as I forgot to change some audio settings before recording.
I'll likely be redoing them with better audio later, and fix a few issues due to missing information that clears up things.
Videos Folder
Only 2 videos are up at this point, one on Login and Communication (with some extra thoughts), the other a bit on races and classes.

Also here are some screen shoots from PSO2 that hint at things that could be thought about.

Already started work on a video for the Crafting Differences. and two videos on just thoughts about the PFO and PSO2 and what could make PFO better using ideas from PSO2.

I don't might if you download them as it could be good reference material of something during a meeting at GW.
I've started working on some Videos showing what PFO lacks compared to another one, one that oddly is as about as Old as PFO, and is also getting an Engine Upgrade this year.

Curious, if GW would be interesting in my notes and or Videos….
as I believe these should be thought about before any major upgrading goes in so was during the upgrade,
files are noted/bookmarked and things get prepared for adding these new features.
Yeah, that was a risk with just about any form of payment unless we put out another update in the meantime with a new item to use. Anything we chose would benefit those who just happened to hoard that particular item. At least the Blessings haven't been building up for years, were already being pulled together for trades, and are available in small enough numbers that everyone can at least guess at how many they might need for a competitive bid. Beyond that, we pretty much have to depend on the free-ish market to balance things out.

And keep in mind, this is still just a proposal. We need to distribute the hexes somehow, and feel this is a good way to do so, but are open to argument. In particular, we're happy to make tweaks, and we could potentially help with any feelings of abruptness by pushing the deadline out a bit. We'd prefer not to put the update out until the distribution is decided though, so we don't want to wait too long.

we have a Freaking Ton of coin that needs to be removed, I think bidding with coin should be offered, in place of those blessings.

And I believe Hexes A,B, and C should not be auctioned, as they are next to Cauchemar's Core 6, and Nightmare wanted to claimed for the settlement, but could not due to a Bug in those hexes.
Congrats, on the research center.
Yeah, I was wondering since I thought it would be every 2-3 days no; ifs ands, ors, buts.
Since change in the state of any hex whether it be near the end of sequence or not can grab attention, as I took out a hex that had it's boss up and was not targeted so as to still have the sequence move on and not hang and open up a new option to hunt.

And some people are likely on the watch for certain escalations to pop to get certain enchantment materials or the newly introduced rememberances.
Any update on the hexes?

Correct, there are 3 taverns in the game right now, and you're pretty close on the locations:

  • -1,2 (1w,2s)
  • -22,-1 (22w,1n)
  • -20,5 (20w,5s)

The others haven't chosen locations yet, generally preferring to wait until the map expands.

So I got 2/3 100% correct, and just a hair off the one near Carpe.
Harad Navar
Bob, the Kickstarter Champagne shows that 6 backed at the Owner Tavern level. I am only aware of 2 Player Taverns. Are there ones I missed for the Atlas?

I know where three of them are off the top of my head (look at NPC hexes if your scouting, since no one wanted their Inn to be taken),
One is on ZKM near Carpe (1w,3s I believe)
Another is Near Rotters Hole (I think it was 22w,1n)
One is in a hex next to Talonguard South Monster hex (22w,5s)
The problem is this game was designed by the same guy that did design EVE online, and the reason for the design was that it'll NOT require the same level of game content creation from the Company, since players would be creating the content through PVP. And I see why, any new expansion comes out for a MMO and it's PVE content that took over a year or 2 to work on and make is devoured in less then a week with players crying for more. A small dev team can not do what most MMOs do, and thus is the reason for this design.

Now I will say it was stupid to have everything as feats, Ryan should of done a real RPG design where one picks a class and they get options based on the class leveling up with a Skill tree or choices at each level. The Class system in PFO is TOO open ended for most TTRPG players and it doesn't help that the same jargon has different meanings between the two.

I will say the EVE EXP progression has some benefits, but also has a number of drawbacks and the current way things are, I don't really have a reason to log in and play since I have to freaking wait months before I can do anything I want to do.

And It doesn't help that is year's Event is really catered to the absolute End-game elite, any new content should NOT be solely for the End-game elite, it should be for EVERYONE. It is another reason we don't really have player retention.
If the End-game elite want more challenging fights, there is a simple answer, the end game elites restrict themselves to T2 equipment (No T3), no need to make new content for them, they just need to lower their equipment.
Yeah, Corbenik is up two hexes from your last survey of it.