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Now I an one of the old timers in the game still and we were all told "All XP Purchases Are Final" and also was part of the "Hard is Fun" in that you had to make Hard Choices.
Heck we are getting warnings new about taking feats that players May or Will lose access to when certain other systems come in that will restrict options.

It would also mean you'd need checker system to make SURE that a feat your removing did not supply a boost to a stat that was needed to break a gate for a feat you currently have.

Now if they were to allow a re-spec for characters, it should have more then a RL money payment to make sure it does not get abused.
If you need a Linux tester, I'll can be one of them, and I have a few systems that can be used for Testing.
As my Old Core 2 Duo running Linux can even run PFO in WINE, minding the rare "Thread Context" crash.
Though I'll be checking back on that at the end of the year as the Current Distro on the Duo is nearing End of Life.
So I could be a tester for a Few Distros and hardware setups.

And If Goblin works wants a good user friendly Linux Distro to start with,
I'd recommend either Zorin OS, or Linux Mint.
Given announcement that the Game's engine will be getting an upgrade.
I ask the Devs to add to the list during the upgrading that Native Linux gets some support, or at the very least Keep or improve the game running on Linux via WINE. If you op for the latter the patcher needs some serious work.

I know that the Unity Engine is cross and multi platform and that is it easy to setup the engine and editor to make sure it'll be easy to port to various Operating Systems.

Reason I put this out there is cause when January 2020 rolls around, All Windows 7 support ends (and that is currently 50% what all desktops are running world wide)
And Not every Windows 7 user will be going to that piece of Spyware known as Windows 10 when the support for Windows 7 ends.
Some Will stick with Windows 7, Some will move to Linux, Some will Move to Mac, Some might move to ReactOS even if it'll be in beta, and some will sell their soul and go with Windows 10.
Kill 10 Goblins, Bandits, Knights, Mercs, etc.. around ThornKeep (referred to as TK by players) with; Holy Lance, Lightning Arc, Firebolt, and or Icicle attacks from the Focus.
Not seeing anything on the event list listing PFO

Edit found it Thanks for the Link Bob
We need to empty the freaking Vaults of the crap tons of tokens so it's fine for now,
wait about 2 years and the vaults might be drained enough that it could be fixed.
There is a Problem with that Great Idea Though

The New Player will then be expecting that Kills will always Generate Exp, and if told that it only applies until they reach X Exp, then they'll whine, ask why doesn't it apply all the time and push for high Exp caps for this system.
Then your also setting a precedent for changing the system to a Kill = Exp System (with or without time giving Exp).
And soon or later it'll be raise then raised more and after a while it'll be raised to the point where it'll be at or above what Day 1 characters have as Exp.
We could use more Pathfinder deities since the current planned 9 force certain domains to alignment corners that might not ever get played.

Example, I'd want Kurgress in the game so the Strength domain would be open to the Heavy Weapon clerics, not just the Chaotic Evil corner and Pure Chaotic side of alignments.
super sweet
Multiple queues is a pretty substantial undertaking, and I don't think we'll be touching anything while implementing enchanting where we may as well do some work on multiple queues at the same time. As such, it probably falls more in the "what comes after Enchanting" category that we're working on, so we'll think about while we're having those discussions, and you can certainly bring it back up when we open that discussion up for feedback.

Using tokens in enchanting recipes is definitely possible, but I do ultimately prefer to make them easier to use so that they can fulfill their original design goals. On the other hand, it's possible that an alternative use wouldn't undermine those goals. I'll have to think about that a bit.
This please! They drop so much faster than they can be used that they are little more than a nuisance as they are.

Agreed, every settlement has crap tons of the tokens and no one is using them.
Tokens need a use in the game other then taking up space in the vaults and loot tables.